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myospasms's Latest Activity

  1. myospasms

    Troy University FNP Fall 2014

    missteekaboo - What area of Texas? Did you start the program?
  2. myospasms

    Baylor GN Internships June 2015

    I accepted my offer today for Baylor University Medical Center (Big Baylor) on the telemetry floor!
  3. myospasms

    St. Louis University AGMSN Fall 2013

    What do you think of the city so far? I've been here since the end of July and it has been nice to see the city and relax a little before classes begin.
  4. myospasms

    St. Louis University AGMSN Fall 2013

    I don't think there are any forums yet. I suppose we will meet each other at the orientation next Thursday. I'm excited for classes to begin.
  5. myospasms

    St. Louis University AGMSN Fall 2013

    That's awesome! I haven't visited the city quite yet but I'm moving up from Texas in July. I have already rented a place a Majestic Stove Lofts.
  6. myospasms

    St. Louis University AGMSN Fall 2013

    Good Luck!! Have you found any other boards with people interested or accepted? I can not seem to connect with anyone. Are you applying for any scholarships or any other form of assistance for this expensive program?
  7. myospasms

    St. Louis University AGMSN Fall 2013

    They contacted me by phone approximately 2-3 weeks after I had submitted all materials letting me know I had been accepted. Are you trying to get into Fall 2013? Credentials: 3.2 GPA Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management 13 years experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist
  8. myospasms

    SLU Accelerated Nursing Program

    Anyone accepted to SLU's AGMSN program for August 2013?
  9. Anyone else out there accepted to this program?? Let me know, classes are starting on August 26, 2013. Looking for others that are moving to St. Louis for this program.
  10. Hello - Anyone out there waiting to here from Mid American Nazarene for the August 2013 start?? I have applied there as well as four others. I am waiting to here from them all!