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L&D/ Obstetrics
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vonjo27 has 6 years experience as a RN and specializes in L&D/ Obstetrics.

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  1. vonjo27

    RN pay in Port Charlotte/ SW Florida??

    God I hope that's not accurate. I'm moving from California to SW Florida in a couple of months. I know I won't make anywhere near the same money as I do out here, but I was hoping to make closer to $40/hr. I'll be keeping my job out here in the meantime.
  2. vonjo27

    New Grad RN Salary Sacramento, CA

    You'll never make more as a nurse than you will in NorCal. Dignity doesn't pay quite as well as Kaiser or Sutter, but you'll still be starting out at $50+/hr, probably more. Sutter starts at $60ish for newer nurses (I make about $80 there now per diem), and I'm making $96/hr benefited (that includes the $12 night differential) at Kaiser with 6 years experience. Per diem at Kaiser averages $100/hr plus differential, depending on experience. Bottom line- take any job here. You can always transfer out of Dignity in the future.