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    Anyone have any good info on the work environment that's located near lakewood? Or any info on Denver nursing would work...
  2. Denver ICUs

    Yeah the recruiter told me that, I jut forget. I did a phone inteview so I haven't seen the unit yet. I Guess it's lakewood right?
  3. Denver ICUs

    I am moving go Denver got a job at ST Anthonys central SICU. Very excited only have 1 year experience in ICU so I'm scared since I coming from level 3. Want info on Denver hospitals particular ICUs. The good, the bad, the ugly. Plus any info on st a...
  4. New Grad ICU Need Encouragment

    To all those who have posted on this, I am now 1 year out. Although I believe I was baptized by fire, I survived. The unit is still the same, however I am stronger. Still have crazy nights such as a physician screaming the f bomb and gd followed with...
  5. New Grad in ICU

    What helped me, after every shift I have a list of things I did or saw that I would like to investigate more. Read immediately after shift, to absorb more. Don't do things or give meds you don't understand but after shifts read again about xyz and yo...
  6. New Grad, First Job (ICU)

    As a new grad four months on my own, Never let your confidence go, you will make mistakes but the moment you don't feel capable you lose your critical assessment skills. Trust yourself and Ask Questions, who cares if they roll there eyes and snarl yo...
  7. New Grad ICU Need Encouragment

    Hi! I am a new grad in rural 16 bed CCU/ICU and I really need some perspective. I have been on the floor alone about 4 months with a six week orientation that I believe is subpar. No classes on vasoactive drugs, ventilators, surgery, but we did have ...