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    Alaska Native Health Consortium - Phone Interview Question

    Thanks so much for replying! What I was told was basically very similar. Behavioral questions I guess it is! From my research, what I found was that behavioral is the style that is most used, most liked, and I guess, easier to score. I'm applying to Med-Surg but was actually going to apply to the Pediatrics floor, and then got the call for the phone interview. I would love either floor and just overall appreciate the opportunity to interview in the end. Aksayre, are you from Alaska? Did you have a personal reason to apply to Native Health specifically? Oh, and thank you again for applying. I'm from California so I don't have personal knowledge of the facility, but from my research, I feel like I can appreciate the culture and identify with its values. Do you have any idea of the work culture/ethics of Native Health?
  2. Hello to all my fellow health care professionals! I am a new graduate nurse and new member of all nurses. After scouring the forum, I have discovered that there is varied opinions regarding this health system. Nevertheless, I am very excited to be able to interview with them! If anyone happens to have information regarding their interview process, I would gladly appreciate it. I am so nervous as I was told my phone interview would be a clinical scenario question with a panel! Anything is gladly appreciated!