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  1. egyptchick7

    Stony Brook Accelerated BSN Class of 2014

    I know I am late in commenting but I was accepted for the 2013 ABSN Stony program. I knew it was competitive and did not think I stood a chance. I was a Stony alum but I had a GPA of 3.1. My pre-req GPA was a 4.0 and I thought that my pre-reqs were lacking because I took them just this past Fall AND I didn't even send those grades before I got their decision... WHY? Because I was also accepted to the ABSN program at UNMC Omaha Nebraska a month earlier. And I accepted and as a native Brooklynite, I am looking forward to this random crazy experience of moving to the Midwest, where I have never been. I don't know if being an Alum helped me, or the fact that I was a double major while I was in undergrad. I was a Bio/Anthropology major and my Bio grades were no better than B's and mostly C's so I was certain if I didn't do well in science in stony during undergrad they would pass judgement that I wouldn't do so well in the nursing program. I did get 2 reccomendations from my pre-req professors and 1 from an Anthropology dean in Stony Brook, so some familiarity with his reputation may have helped. Also I graduated in 2006 so maybe my professional experience since then as a retail manager illustrated in my personal statement may have helped too.
  2. egyptchick7

    UNMC Accelerated Interviews

    Hello! I assume you had your interview already ( since this post was a year ago) and I am having my interview this Thursday! Do you have any pointers or advice on what it was like? How the interviewer is? Are you currently at UNMC? Thanks