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    How do I stand out as a job candidate (New GPN Grad)?

    I have found that the " being bold " approach has almost always worked for me. A lot of people are afraid to say or do the wrong thing or give themselves too much credit and sound conceited. But I think it is the person willing to risk being a little embarrassed, is the one who stands out. Try to find out (if you don't already know), what the DON's major issues are...as in what he or she finds most important and or what she deals with most often that she doesn't like. For example: one of the major problem most DON's deal with is call-in's. My DON will tell any new hire upfront that you are on probation the first 90 days and if she has any issues with call-in's or coming in late, she will not be shy about sending you on your way out the door. Also, she cannot stand it when cna's, or nurses (to be fair) are playing with their phones. It is made clear that phones should ONLY be used and visible when you are on a scheduled break. So with that being said, find a way to point out those things as assets in hiring you. You can do this without mentioning anything negative about your friend applying for the same job. Focus on your qualities. My story was a little different, I was applying as an outsider. (never worked there before). Also, I had heard that she is horrible at calling people back, so make sure I call her back to followup. I ended up having to call a lot, and had to take being patient to a while new level. I applied initially when they weren't advertising help wanted. She told me she may be hiring but she wasn't sure yet until she talled to all her other LPN's as school is starting again and some schedule adjustments needed to be made for the nurses that have children in school. I followed up with a letter and it had been over a month with out hearing anything at all. I decided I would call again to see if she had adjusted her schedule and now maybe had the need for a new nurse. To my surprise she said she had actually just put an ad in the paper that would be coming out tomorrow, advertising help wanted, hiring 2 part time LPN position. Since she already had my application on file I asked if I would be able to interview for the position. She told me that she needed to let the add run its course and then she would interview and hire whoever fit the job description the best. She didn't ask me to come in, and it didn't sound promising, being that I was a new grad, and they wanted to get the position filled as soon as possible. Plus she had my app on file before deciding to run an AD, and didn't call me. I could have given up then, it was pretty obvious she didn't have any interest in hiring me, let alone even interviewing me. I think a lot of them are so busy they don't want to waste any time training a new graduate. Unfortunately that is the only way we will ever get a job, if someone is willing to give us the time, and a chance to prove ourselves. With nothing to lose, I decided I would get brave. I really wanted this job above all the others I applied for. So I just stopped by and asked to talk to her. Someone told her I was there waiting outside her office. She came up to great me and invited me in her office (as I was telling her the reason for dropping by). I said, " after speaking to you the other day, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be getting a call back to interview d/t my lack of experience (which I understood) but just wanted to come meet you and have the chance to tell you that hiring me, even though I am a new grad, would be a better decision than choosing someone based on experience only. That got her attention...and even a smile..which gave me the courage to go on and explain the benefits...thank God. A few of my points were; I am new to this profession so I am excited and have energy for it and not burn out. I would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to be hired and work here, while others with experience may look at it as you are lucky to have them. you will save money because you can hire me at the starting wage. I am willing to put in the time it takes to be trained properly and come in whenever I need to and take any shift you have available. I won't have any demands, or expect to be treated better than anyone else. I ended up waiting a couple more weeks and finally got another interview and now I am working there. I was so glad I held out and kept pursuing the job I really wanted and finally got. It wasn't easy, but most things worth having aren't easy. I am glad it took time and work to get this job. It makes me really appreciate it more than I ever would have, had it been handed to me. Good luck to all of you new grads, hopefully there will be someone willing to give a new grad a chance. They need to remember that every nurse was a new grad (including them), and give more of us chances. I definitely didn't expect it to be so hard to find a job being a new nurse. My advise to anyone still in nursing school is to get a job as a CNA ...NOW...(at a place that employes nurses as well)..even if only 20hours a week or a few days a week.