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  1. BritRN


    i wish you all the best in your first job.it was a few years ago when i started my first job and i was frightened to death. always remember that no matter how long you are a nurse you will always be learning and no question is ever stupid and remember the doctors dont know everything and if they ask you to do something you think is wrong ask someone else before you do it no matter how insistant they are.
  2. BritRN

    What Is This Career Choice Becoming?

    i work full time in a 17 bedded ICU,in Vancouver BC, luckily we are very well unionised here. Basically the hospitals are held to ransom here. We get the money we what and are not made to do overtime. Hell its not perfect, we are short staffed too.We work on a 1:1 ratio and are very rarely doubled, as long as we have the staff but our manager wouldnt have it any other way. all i can suggest that is if you really want something changed people would soon notice if you all either threated to leave its not as if they could replace all of you straight away theres not enough of us out there to do it and see how things might change. or if you wanted move up here the money isnt bad and Vancouver is a hell of a city to live!!!
  3. we have a insulin protocol devised by our Pharmacist which works really well and keeps blood sugar levels between the safe zone of 7-11 mmols. if interested in viewing it email me and i will email you a copy for you to see and possibly trial. Good Luck!
  4. BritRN

    Looking for email buddies

    Hi all. My name is Claire. Im a British Critical Care RN, currently working in Vancouver, for a 17 bedded Medical and Surgical ICU.i graduated in 1994. My husband and i are currently going through US immigration and hopefully coimg to the states at the end of next year. so it would be nice to have contact with other RNs. My email is xsarasu@hotmail.com.