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  1. Cleake

    Dccc transfer courses

    Does anyone know?
  2. Cleake

    Stanly Community College Fall 2014.

    Hi I was asking about Teas scores for SCC. Did you get in the program and what were the range of scores for those entering?
  3. Cleake

    Stanly Community College

    Would love to hear from some of the students applying to RN at Stanly.
  4. Cleake

    Davidson LPN-RN 2015

    How did it go?
  5. Cleake

    Davidson LPN-RN 2015

    Let me know how it goes. I lack Com course and Anatomy 2 before I can apply.
  6. Cleake

    criminal conviction and becoming a RN

    It all depends on state you live in and the BON, now the clinical sites may not approve your background and if so you can't complete the program without clinical component.
  7. Cleake

    Performance recognition in your facility...

    The facility I work in does not have anything in place as such, they just recently started picking employees to recognize them as compassionate or most helpful & so on. The reward is a picture posted within facility & nothing more.
  8. Cleake

    Is this a VALID reason to terminate someone?

    Anyone can be fired in healthcare for whatever reasons and you just have to be smart enough to know policies in place and able to keep track of records applicable for termination purposes. Signing off on changing the dressing and caps which is part of the dressing change to picc line is cause for termination depending on facilities policy. I've seen someone get fired for falsifying vital signs they didn't get.
  9. Cleake

    Help me with compassion fatigue

    I have the same issues on rehab floor where I work. These patients are there post surgery but I think some just like to abuse the narcs and it does get aggravating and makes for an unpleasant day when caring for many of the same patients.
  10. Cleake

    Fentanyl patch

    We have to check Q shift and sign oncoming shift and also both nurses have to sign patch when applied. We've had them come off a lot and find them in clothing and bed. If I'm not mistaken when I first started there were issues when we attempted to use tegaderm to place over to ensure it stayed on. State did not approve of this.
  11. What are the most recommended programs in and around Charlotte areas?
  12. Cleake

    Stanly Community College

    Does anyone know what everyone is scoring in Teas for entrance into program?
  13. Cleake

    NC LPN Hospital salary

    Try google or payscale sometimes these sites tell you.
  14. Cleake

    Dccc transfer courses

    How far back will Davidson Community College accept courses for Lpn to RN program?
  15. Cleake

    LPN to BSN

    Where are you located?