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  1. I am an experienced nurse over 18 years and want a less stressful job. I am not having luck in getting alternate positions. Im thinking about NI but Im not clear on what they do day to day? Is is computer programming? Also Im looking at case management at insurance companies which I did as a visiting nurse, and telephonic nursing? Im going to have my BSn in 6 months and many years as an RN behind me.
  2. Freebo

    Rate of pay for home health nurse in mass?

    Those home care nurse jobs sound good. What agencies are they?
  3. Freebo

    Question about being a school nurse in MA

    DID she get a position as a public or private school nurse?
  4. I have applied to pharmaceutical companies, and one research contract place and havent heard anything. What companies should I be seeking out other than that? I live near Boston.
  5. I will graduate with my BSN in 6 months and want to get out of bedside nursing for the most part and am seeking an alternative. I have been a nurse almost 20 years. I want to apply to research jobs but they all want experience. I can tget the experience if they wont hire me so it a delimma.
  6. I have to take healthcare statistics and need 20+ people to answer 4 survey questions- http://www.statcrunch.com/5.0/survey.php?surveyid=6285&code=PYRWK Thank You So much!!!!!
  7. Freebo

    Online RN to BSN with no prerequisites?

    WGU does not offer "credits" just pass/fail so I dont recommend them if you want to continue o to an MSN, which would require GPAs
  8. Freebo

    Jacksonville university RN to BSN online

    I am considering JU, Umass Boston or UTA- It seems everyone had good experiences at JU. Was it terribly expensive?
  9. Freebo

    UTA RN to BSN online start October 2012

    I am looking into UTA online as well, how are those of you doing already in the program or graduated? Would you recommend it?