tashafamous1 ASN, CNA

Family Medicine, Pediatric, OR

I am a Certified Medical Assistant who is elevating in the medical field. I want to work in trauma or ER I want that adrenaline rush, fast pace excites me.

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tashafamous1 has 8 years experience as a ASN, CNA and specializes in Family Medicine, Pediatric, OR.

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  1. ICHS 2022

    There are several advisors at ICHS, you know they are 3 hours ahead of California time zone they are eastern time and we are pacific time. However, make sure you leave messages consistently and if you want to join ICHS complete their enrollmen...
  2. All Studied Out...

    I like that information I will give it a try I am also a visual learner
  3. ICHS 2022

    I took a leap of faith and I decided I am going to register and I started my program in February, it is actually going well it takes some time to get use to for example the time differences making sure you turn your homework in before 859 pacific tim...
  4. ICHS 2022

    Thank you @Trlyons_LVN I will contact admission tomorrow for further assistance and information.
  5. ICHS 2022

    Thank you for the response, also do you know if there is there a certain upload or email address to submit transcripts because I was under the impression they were contacting the the schools regarding transcripts. ?‍♀️??‍♀️?
  6. ICHS 2022

    What is expected after you submit your Driver’s license and application fee? I’m waiting to receive a response a call ? a email notification, a letter. Do I have to submit my transcripts from previous college?
  7. ICHS 2022

    Do you have any recommendation on where to stay in Florida.
  8. ICHS 2022

    I have to Thank you for being very transparent and informative, this is what I like to hear positive information. I also love the fact you mentioned you work, you are from California and have four children and so do I. Also, I acknowledge this progra...
  9. ICHS 2022

    Exactly, yes I have made the decision to attend the program, I am looking into the payment options at this time
  10. ICHS 2022

    Southern California
  11. ICHS 2022

    Yes, I am from Los Angeles, I replied because nothing in life is perfect and if you want something you go after it, no matter the circumstances. What happens to one person does not mean it will be your destiny.
  12. ICHS 2022

    Know that each person experience maybe different, you may have a excellent outcome with this school. You know some people piggy back off of what they read or have been told. Also some people lie about their experience being awful so that you want acc...
  13. Accredited Out of state Nursing Schools

    Thank you for your response I appreciate it, I’m researching to find the facts.
  14. Accredited Out of state Nursing Schools

    Completed all prerequisites for the Register Nurse nursing program. However, I am seeking to attend a out of state community college or private with clinical in California. If you know of any accredited schools please list below. Thank you
  15. Name drop accredited schools in California and out of state