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    is this normal? how can i feel confident and in control again?

    Cut your losses! Unsafe! Ya i agree you must be in NY! I have 4 pt and 3 when I am the trauma section! get out girl! Not safe or cool
  2. Newengland12RN

    Travel ER/Psych

    I am thinking of doing travel nursing as I am single and love to explore new places and meet new people. I do not pretend to be a know it all and at times still need help and will ask for it. My biggest fear is going to a new place without knowing anyone and how have travel nurses experienced other nurses that work there full-time helpful? And If not how do you deal with it? are they resentful or helpful?
  3. HI all. I'm trying to get some information regarding pill planners. I work in an out patient facility where they have the patients bring in their pills in and we store them at the facility. We then either fill a wkly pill planner for them or give them a wkly,daily bubble pack that has been supplied by the pharmacy. My concern is and i'm uncomfortable with this process because we are "holding" their medications and aren't we dispensing their medications? At no point are we administering their medications to take in front of us. Here are some additional concerns: 1. this does not seem like a closed system to me regarding DEA regulations. The patient gets the script from the pharmacy or the case manager and brings them in. Couldn't this be considered holding their medications over their head to come in for treatment? 2. and if it is a scheduled II-V isnt it illegal for the patient to give those medications to someone else? because the patient is the end user?