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  1. Chamberlain FNP program in NJ

    Good luck!! I’m looking into NP/FNP programs. Is it 100% online and school help with searching preceptor?
  2. Oncology NP- radiation exposure? Trying to get pregnant.

    Hi there, I know that my comment doesn’t answer your question but I was hoping you could help me answer my question. I am RN; I am transferring from MedSurg to oncology unit. I wanted to be little prep myself before starting there. Is there any...
  3. Lehman College Fall 2020 Admissions

    You are right! Some people do in-class RN TO BSN . Online RN TO BSN is totally different group and class all together.
  4. Lehman College Fall 2020 Admissions

    Can you please please send it to me too at:
  5. Northwell Health Fellowship July 2020

    Thank you!
  6. Northwell Health Fellowship July 2020

    Hi there! Does the fellowship program requires nurses to have their BSN? Or can RN Associate apply too?
  7. Hi there I just saw your comment! Thank you so much for responding. I did signed up on indeed and applied all new positions with no luck? I wish I could get recruiters email so I can directly send them my resume. But it’s hard to get such information...
  8. Lehman college FNP 2020

    Def my future goal. Did u finish your RN to BSN online at Lehman?
  9. Lehman college FNP 2020

    Are you applying for RN TO BSN ONLINE or FNP AT Lehman?
  10. Lehman College Fall 2019 Admissions

    Hi there I’m looking to take HIN269 ONLINE over the Summer. Anyone please let me know which professors do you prefer and also if I can take NUR300 over the Summer? Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Lehman College Fall 2020 Admissions

    Hi there, I was looking for a post on Lehman RN TO BSN ONLINE but I couldn’t find any post. I recently applied to their online program and waiting to hear back from them. I also have to take HIN269. Do have any idea how these classes r? Any professo...
  12. Lehman college FNP 2020

    ???? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  13. Lehman college FNP 2020

    OMG that’s so much for responding. I truly appreciate it. If you have any study materials or anything that could help me get thru it. Please please forward it to shedhemind@gmail.com it would be great help! Will see how it’s goes esp while working fu...
  14. Lehman college FNP 2020

    Hi there congratulations on getting in FNP PRORAM! That’s definitely in my future goal. I read in your post that you did your BSN from Lehman. Could you please please help me get little idea how the program is, how to choose professors, how are the c...
  15. Lehman College Fall 2020 Admissions

    Please do forward me at shedhemind@gmail.com also could you ask her which HIN CLASS Professor she recommend? I don’t know if we can choose any professor for online classes. Thanks a lot??