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  1. 4ab

    nurse training in the philippines

    i'm from the philippines. what is it in particular you need to know? maybe i can help you...
  2. 4ab

    Main IV line

    i don't think you need an order for a kvo line. not where i work
  3. 4ab

    Main IV line

    is it a policy in every hospital to have this main line or just a practiced that is being done?
  4. 4ab

    Main IV line

    At my current unit, it is a practiced to have a main line of NS then we piggyback a secondary line which could be anything like cardizem, heparin, natrecor, dopa, dobutamine and everything else. To me it is a lot of fluid to a patient in a cardiac unit and a big waste of money. The old staff say's it will clog the line but i say no way since it's a peripheral line and not a central line like picc or tlc. i would like to know what practice are you doing in your hospitals. thanks