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  1. I'm an alternate at PCC. They won't tell you what # you are, so it's all a guessing game.
  2. Thats a hard number. With there being 40, you have a slight chance. I haven't heard anything yet, so I'm assuming I'm much further down the list. Sigh, holding back the tears. This is so hard to deal with when you want something so bad.
  3. What number did you get?
  4. Well, a chance to get in from being on the wait list. My understanding is she will send you the number you got from the lottery and the number they are currently on from people not accepting their spot. So you could have been selected as #50 but 5 people declined their spots, so you are now #5 in line.
  5. sligo23

    Pasadena City College spring 2017

    This is a hard one. If you want the BSN right away, go with GCC. More and more hospitals are not hiring new grads with associate degrees. All programs require the health clearance. It has to do with the clinical facilities and their rules.
  6. Sounds like the lottery results will be sent out today. We still have a chance! Yay!
  7. Has anyone received a number yet? My understanding is the first 30 selected were given a spot. #31 is #1 on the wait list, 32 is #2 and so on.
  8. sligo23

    Pasadena City College spring 2017

    Congrats! That's so exciting. We're you able to figure out how many points you have?
  9. What is the classroom and clinical schedule like during the 1st semester? Thank you for helping us out!
  10. sligo23

    Pasadena City College spring 2017

    Did you get a rejection email or just not hear back?
  11. sligo23

    Pasadena City College spring 2017

    I'm an alternate as well. I wonder how many there are.
  12. Has anyone heard when they will send out notifications? I wish everyone the best of luck!
  13. I haven't heard anything still. I'm waiting on the invite for the TEAS
  14. Has anyone heard back about taking the TEAS?
  15. sligo23

    Los Angeles Trade Tech College

    Does anyone know if LATTC will accept Anatomy 1 and Physiology 1 as a transfer instead of taking Bio20 at the school?
  16. sligo23

    Pasadena City College LVN

    Is anyone looking to join, in, or a graduate of the PCC LVN program? Was it hard to get accepted into the program? I would like to graduate from the LVN program and then apply to LVN-RN program. I heard it may be easier to get accepted into these programs then to be put on wait lists. Is it wise to go this route? Or should I look into going straight to RN?