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  1. fantom

    Knowledgeable RN's please help!!!

    Thanks again to everyone for all of your replies and help, I really appreciate it!!
  2. fantom

    Knowledgeable RN's please help!!!

    i appreciate the responses, I was ticketed for misdemeanor battery. In this case it was a class C misdemeanor. This is only one level above a basic speeding ticket. I spoke with my CNA director this morning and she said she did not forsee it being a problem. She also happens to be the HR specialist for the hire of nurses at our local hospital and said it would not keep me from being hired. From the way it looks, I do not see it being a big problem but it still bugs me because there will always be that uncertain feeling in the back of my mind.
  3. fantom

    Knowledgeable RN's please help!!!

    I am attempting to get a copy of the ticket so that I will have it for future reference. I know I will have to disclose it on my application when that time comes. However, at that time it will be almost 10 years since the incident. I spoke with the KS BON this morning and they said that more than likely it will not hold up my application. Anyone else have any personal experiences like this? Thanks for the replies so far.
  4. I am currently taking a CNA class in hopes of starting an RN program this fall. Tonight in my CNA class the instructor informed us that if you have ever been convicted of assault or battery your license will more than likely be denied and if you are approved most hospitals will not hire you. Here is my dilemma. When I was 19 (now 26) I got into an altercation with another guy. I was not arrested, charges were not pressed nor did I have to appear in court but I was issued a $239.00 fine and ticketed for misdemeanor battery. Does anyone know the specifics on something like this as I do not want to put myself through nursing school and then find out I cannot be licensed or find a job. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! (By the way, I live in Kansas)