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  1. ad_rn

    ID/DD Summer Camp Nurses

    Hello, I am working at a Camp this summer that is for Developmentally Disabled and intellectually Disabled Adults and kids. I have experience working with Developmentally Disabled and Intellectually Disabled individuals. I am very excited for this new role, I have not been a camp nurse before. Does anyone have any great resources that they feel would help me prepare for my role as a DD/ID Camp Nurse. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank You!
  2. ad_rn

    Soooo, I quit

    Okay, I just left my job today. No prospects for employment at this time. I left because I am one of two nurses in a community setting overseeing 16 group homes. One LPN under us, many issues, documentation all over the place, my assessment with regard to a patient I am very concerned about ignored.Director of the clinic ignored my assessment and took an LPN's assessment over mine. LPN is definitely practicing out of scope. But the straw on the camels back was when I had a patient have a seizure no protocol in place or written order. Patient was not in immediate danger and med certified staff all me and asked if meds should be given. Being that I am fairly new other RN on vacation, I called the doctor to ask what he wanted to do. Doctor told me to hold med and get blood work to check med levels. In the meantime LPN calls staff and tells them to give medication. I was never notified by DR. or LPN that this was done, nor was I consulted. When I went to the administration to express my concerns I was asked why I have a problem listening to an LPN? I realized then that not only is my license in jeopardy so are patients. I left for fear of losing my license and now have no way to pay my mortgage. But concerned about LEGALITY of what is and what is not going on?