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  1. I am working in the ER and was thinking of going back to school for my rn-msn. I was thinking of do private practice with a Dr. or another Np. Should I talk to a doctor and try to get in with one now, or should I wait to I graduate? Or should I stay in the ER they said they would be interested in hiring me to be a NP for them. Which would pay better? I think the office would have better hours. Also can your prescribe when working with a Dr and in NP school? Do you need to be under there license or can you get your own? A friend of mine was telling me he could but he is another state than I am. Thank you so much
  2. kuhaines

    schools rn-msn

    I was wondering if anybody has feedback on school for rn-msn program. Should I look for ones only in Indiana? I want want that is affordable, and has good communication with students. Should I do the DNP instead? Any suggestion would be helpful. There is so many to pick from. God bless Kurt
  3. kuhaines

    Failed Nclex help!!!!

    I failed my nclex rn!!! I am having a heard time getting back into the mood. First time I used Hurst videos I think they are a couple years old, my friend gave them to me. They Seem really good. I also used Saunders Q&A. This time around I have Saunders 5th edition book and CD, Hurst videos, nclex3500 and simplynursing.com membership. I am not sure how organize a study plane with all this stuff. Are theses good study aids/q/a? I am complete broke and cant afford anything else and no family to help. Any suggestion would be so helpful. God bless.
  4. kuhaines

    Nclex Questions Q&A

    Was wondering if anybody know some free sites or low cost for Q&A for NCLEX RN I have found some and have saunders cd and the 3500 cd but was wondering if that were up to the 2014 nclex standards?