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  1. beckakc

    Flushing a Foley catheter

    Did something change along the way?... to flush a Foley, you need to maintain sterile aseptic technique... right? Most of the residents I work with in ltc have orders to flush prn obstruction. I personally would rather change the catheter rather than push that yuck back into the bladder but I had an orientie that wanted to flush for decreased output. Now we don't have sterile syringes in house. I told her we could micky mouse the procedure with iv flushes because there sterile but we would need 6 of them and you put youself at risk from flashback fluid because they don't fit. I strongly recommended to wait until I could speak to the higher ups about obtaining sterile irrigation syringes. My peers recommended enteral syringes... Not sterile... And come to find out that's what we have been using for years. Ugh. Policy and procedure manual plainly stated to use sterile syringe. Director of nursing told me she was going to have the policy changed. Am I crazy or is this place insane?
  2. beckakc

    New to nursing

    I am a lpn at snf. Recently saw an order for diabetic foot care for a pt with a dx of diabetes insipidus... is this an appropriate intervention.? No dx of dm.
  3. beckakc

    I Have a question

    You can absolutely request male care only. It may not be possible due to staff. However... ask the male nurses to teach you how to do the wound care. If all participants are willing.. ie you and hubby. They'll teach you
  4. OMG my nerves are shot. I shut off at the minimum of 85 questions but I don't feel good about it. A couple of classmates also tested today and both answered all 205 questions. These were very smart people, and good students. So here's my question to you... How many of you answered 85 and failed? And how many answered 205 and passed?

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