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lildebbie BSN, MSN, RN, APRN

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lildebbie has 7 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, APRN and specializes in Psychiatry, Ortho-Trauma,PCU,.

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  1. lildebbie

    UPDATE: RN BSN to PMHNP at age 55?

    What school was this? I missed the first thread. I'm applying to PMHNP schools for the fall.
  2. lildebbie

    Parkland hospital Med-Surg Fellowship training

    I can't wait either, it is almost here:yes:!!
  3. Email sent to me: July 16, 2013 It is our pleasure to announce that the Memorial Hermann Health System will offer the RN Fellowship Program. We are now accepting applications for the September 2013 program. The RN Fellowship is an opportunity for BSN graduates to experience a unique non-employment, mentorship opportunity with a licensed professional nurse for six months. The mentorship is designed to provide in-depth experiences to enhance technical, interpersonal and professional skills. Twenty-five RN Fellows will be the recipients of an RN Fellowship in one of the following specialty areas: Acute Care, Critical Care, Emergency Care, Maternal-Newborn, or Perioperative Care. Each Fellowship specialty provides classroom instruction and direct patient care experiences. The program will begin on September 23, 2013, and interviewing for the program will begin as applications are submitted through July and August. If accepted, there is a program registration fee. Memorial Hermann will provide a monthly stipend and allowances for uniforms, meals and parking. Please read the attached brochure for additional information and time lines about this program. If interested, please go to the following link and complete the online application. Your resume and references can be attached online to create a full and complete application package. Please note that unless you are currently employed, two references are required: Faculty and Personal. If you are employed, a professional/work reference is also requested, but not required. If you have questions about the website or link, please do not hesitate to contact us at 713-932-5772. https://memorialhermann.myreviewroom.com/ The application deadline is August 9, 2013. Please note that the references may be sent separately, but the application will not be considered complete without references. *MODs just passing this on, don't know if allowed to post the number.* Stipend and new grads have to pay a $500 registration fee upon acceptance to fellowship.
  4. Go to indeed.com or any job search engine (juju.com, Texas nurses association, etc) and type in New Graduate RN or RN Internship and subscribe to the alerts. Or you can go to the hospital website and search.
  5. lildebbie

    Parkland New Grad Med-Surg Fellowship Program

  6. lildebbie

    How is the Job Market in the Houston area for New Grads?

    Houston is saturated with new grads. During my job search I saw the same new grads every where I went. I only got two interviews in Houston and 1 in Conroe. I got 6 interviews in Dallas and a job.
  7. lildebbie


    Congrats, I know I'm late, it was good to see you passed.
  8. lildebbie

    Methodist RN Residency 2013 Fall

    They sent me an email for the event.
  9. lildebbie

    Methodist RN Residency 2013 Fall

    Which Methodist, Houston, San Antonio or Dallas? Houston sent me an invite with hiring managers interviewing on next Friday.
  10. lildebbie

    Parkland NICU or L&D resident summer 2013 applicants

    @nana13, Thanks.
  11. lildebbie

    Parkland NICU or L&D resident summer 2013 applicants

    @nana13 the recruiter called me after 5pm if this helps. Have faith..this was my third interview with Parkland and I finally got in.
  12. lildebbie

    Parkland New Grad Med-Surg Fellowship Program

    Congrats to all, I also got an offer.
  13. lildebbie

    Parkland NICU or L&D resident summer 2013 applicants

    @ nana13, I received an offer yesterday.
  14. lildebbie

    Parkland NICU or L&D resident summer 2013 applicants

  15. lildebbie

    Where to live in Houston?

    If you want to live some where with young people you can try midtown area..its very ritzy and expensive. You can also stay in Sugarland and take hwy59 to work,Pearland is good place to stay close to downtown and the prices are 900 or below, has a nice mall and entertainment. Sent from my SPH-L710 using allnurses.com
  16. lildebbie

    Parkland NICU or L&D resident summer 2013 applicants

    For those who have got the job..what questions did they ask? Sent from my SPH-L710 using allnurses.com