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    Where do burned out nurses go ?

    there are no quick answers to this question. everyone has to do what is right for her/himself. There is a great book titled "Your Money or Your Life" which helped me gain some perspective during a period of burn out (which lasted far too long & hurt me & my coworkers). Sometimes it is very important to know when to leave a position as staying on hurts all concerned.
  2. siobhan

    Nurse Employment

    Hello to all of you from TX. I think the situation you are referring to about right to work & nursing shortages is not confined only to Texas. However, if you are really upset about the way health care is in TX you are missing your opportunity to speak out before the presidential elections. If I were thinking about voting for George Bush & heard this info I might change my mind. Consider informing nurses & patients if you feel his health care policies aren't effective before they become the policies of the nation. No, I am not working for the Gore campaign but do believe our discomfort should be shared with voters. Also all of us involved in the Million Nurse March - is there someone who could create a one page color flyer that we could download & distribute at the polls defining our concerns & listed contact people?? In my state nurses are the largest number of voters by occupation. Let's not throw away this opportunity. I will be away from home on election day in Tallahassee, FL & would be happy to do that in FL since I can't do it at home. Please some creative person can you make us a simple flyer?? Let's not miss our chance to raise our concerns on election day. Can someone from Tallahassee contact me at hynesqrs@hotmail.com Thank you - Siobhan