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  1. I am posting this here from the perspective of a patient. I have never been psychotic prior to a dose of 4mg propofol for an EGD. When I woke up 30min after my procedure, I felt ok. 2 hours afterwards, I began to feel really empty inside and afraid. I was restless and could not eat. I was sleeping was 5 hours a night max. I would shiver in 90 degree weather, screamed really loud a couple of times for no reason, and became paranoid and disconnected from reality. I was admitted involuntarily to a psych hospital about 4 days later. I had to stay there for a month. They almost had me committed to a state hospital, actually. It took me about 3 months to stop being afraid all the time, delusional, etc...I had depression in the past, but I had it controlled with meds that I had been taking for about 3 years. I was a full-time nurse of 3 years, and lost my job after that. I am connecting my psychosis to the propofol because it was a sudden change in my behavior, so soon after receiving the medication. Everything I have looked up has said that this does not happen. I am hoping that maybe someone has heard of this happening to other patients...