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Level One Trauma MICU and RICU
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antsrt4 has 3 years experience and specializes in Level One Trauma MICU and RICU.

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  1. antsrt4

    Texas CRNA Applicants 2020

    So........... long 3-4 step process....in short 1. Contact Army AMEDD Recruiter (Apply for USAGPAN) 2.Apply to Baylor directly (USAGPAN Nurse Anesthesia) 3. Take and knock out GRE/CCRN/OCHEM/ MEPS etc 4. wait for any of the above listed to ask for more paperwork/transcripts/documents/letters/etc etc
  2. antsrt4

    USAGPAN 2021

    I sent you a PM...cheers
  3. antsrt4

    USAGPAN 2021

    are you applying for FY 2020? Either way good luck! The GRE has been by biggest challenge/hurdle so far....
  4. antsrt4

    USAGPAN 2020

  5. antsrt4

    USAGPAN 2020

    Trust me I know...magoosh is a good tool and fairly inexpensive <175 for six months of use over 1000 practice questions each with video rationales. Also I have been using these videos lately GREG MAT GRE VIDEOS FREE good luck!
  6. antsrt4

    USAGPAN 2020

    Hello from Los Angeles! Although not a VA applicant myself historically I think its 4-X amount based on previous USAGPAN threads. Good luck! Have you finished your GRE?
  7. antsrt4

    USAGPAN 2020

    Correct. Start once a year. June the following year you apply. Next class will start June 2020. Cheers and good luck!!
  8. antsrt4

    Frustrations with the dreaded OSH

    so what were your vent settings? JK....interesting read from a NON flight RN. Cheers my friends breathe and you are there to fight another day.
  9. antsrt4

    New PACU nurse. Need advice!

    Hi there, by no means am I a veteran but want to answer your question (no need to leave you hanging on this topic). I have 3 years of ICU and I currently work PACU waiting for CRNA school submissions etc. I would suggest learning via the other nurses and RTs the vent, airways, and drips commonly started in the PACU or ICU setting. Cheers good luck!
  10. antsrt4

    Being hired at the VA with a DUI?

    honesty is your best policy always...share and disclose upfront and provide supporting documentation you'll be fine
  11. antsrt4

    I need help making this decision and its urgent!

    Hello there.I would think not. My understanding is that nursing (BSN or higher) is a direct commission i.e. no need to take the ASVAB. Maybe someone else will chime in on this good luck either way!
  12. antsrt4

    Reserve Bonus

    Ouxphys I would recommend speaking with a healthcare recruiter for each respective branch to see what is offered for the current FY. Cheers.
  13. antsrt4

    Army Nurse

    Correct.......OP You need to see a healthcare recruiter. Same thing happened to me. I have my BSN and he asked me if I would consider being a CNA.....they are doing their job but leave
  14. antsrt4

    Nurse Candidate Program

    I'm 99.8% sure you would need your BSN to apply as most branches are looking for the requirement to commision....FWIW they came to my school during our first semester and recruited....its a huge opportunity and I would take it if I were you...lots of pros but do not just join the military for "free school". There are plenty of ways to get free school military requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice as I'm sure you well know cheers and good luck either way!!
  15. antsrt4

    VA San Diego

    Personally I would continue to look and see what sticks (again being transparent and letting your future employer know what happened in the past upfront). I was offered a job at the VA in West LA it took forever to get the offer. I ended up at Cedars and glad I did. Good luck.
  16. antsrt4

    Texas CRNA Applicants 2020

    Hello...applying to Baylor via the Army program...kind of doing what most say not to...applying to just one school....lets go!