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    William Carey Nursing- Spring 2013


    William Carey Nursing- Spring 2013

    Was not for me but for my wife. She was told that they were mailed out on Wed. Today she called and was told over the phone she was accepted for the fast track 18 month BSN program (she is a transfer student). She said it starts Nov 9th. When I went through nursing school, I was informed nearly a semester in advance, so this really seemed odd. Congrats on acceptance. Are you going to Hattiesburg or the one near the coast?

    William Carey Nursing- Spring 2013

    Have you received your acceptance letter? If so when because I was under the impression that it would be the end of this week or next.

    Need assistance.

    What post-BSN classes did some of you take to help out your GPA?

    Thank you Lord that I failed my first nclex

    Truly we are subject to God's plan and not our own. If it was not to be, then it would not happen...even on the 100th time. Amen for realizing that it is the work of our savior Jesus Christ and may God Bless you in your future endeavors.

    I got in, but now I'm not sure I can go.

    Try handing it over to the Lord, and pray.
  7. I am interested as well. Subscribed

    Mississippi nurses roll call!!! (be known)

    I did. And yes...you are correct. But it is one of the worst.

    Mississippi nurses roll call!!! (be known)

    Hi, I am from Mississippi, and hate it. I'm happy that you guys like it there. The state needs you for tax purposes. If not, who will take care of the majority of the population here?
  10. FLMSRN

    Jobs in Biloxi

    Yeah, stay away from there. More drama than the worst civilian hospital.
  11. FLMSRN


    Anyone have any questions, I am an instructor in ACLS, PALS, BLS, and TNCC...ask away.
  12. FLMSRN

    UMC vs. St. Dominic, Jackson Mississippi

    I worked at St D. for 3 yrs in ICU. Loved every min. Great organization to work for. Great people as well. My career path lead me to other things, or I would still be there. Nothing bad to say...at ALL!
  13. FLMSRN

    Online CRNA

    Whew....I was worried that they were filling classes that far out.
  14. FLMSRN

    Online CRNA

    Really...? 2015 Surely a typo.
  15. FLMSRN

    Need assistance.

    This may have been asked before, however I could not find an answer via the search. During nursing school...some 7 years ago, I also went through a nasty divorce that hindered my focus and indirectly affected my GPA. That being said, I'm living with a 3.0. I went directly into a critical care unit upon graduation and have worked ICU every since. I am CCRN certified, an ACLS, PALS, BLS, and TNCC instructor, and have numerous recognitions and awards. That being said, it really doesn't mean squat compared to the impact that the GPA has. I will be taking the GRE in November, and currently taking BioChem online. ok....what I need to know is what classes...if any, can help a GPA such as mine? I have been told from some schools that whatever I take will be consider post grad and will not count to help me in getting into school. Surely, I am not the only person who had "life issues" and thus their GPA may have suffered. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.