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  1. vinnyfromtheblock

    MS and OB deficiency in CA BRN - philippine graduate

    You can contact Dominican University of California in San Rafael, California at ien@dominican.edu. There were a few of Australians who went there as well for the deficient courses. Good luck!
  2. vinnyfromtheblock

    New Grad Residency UCLA for ADN?

    You have to have your BSN degree.
  3. California doesn't require you to submit an English Proficiency proof. However, California requires you to submit a Certified English Translator form if your education curriculum is not English. Please read more on their website. Good luck.
  4. For California, there is no "safe duration of evidence-based practice requirement." You basically submit the required documents. You can visit their website for more information. Regardless of how long you haven't practiced as RN in your country, California will accept your application and they do their evaluation if you're eligible or you need classes to take. First step for you to know is to apply and submit the required documents. Good luck!
  5. vinnyfromtheblock


    Usually you will see your name at the Breeze website 48 hours after you took the test regardless if it's weekend or weekday.
  6. vinnyfromtheblock

    Foreing educated nurse looking for a job in the US

    You might need to look at any hospitals that offer a New Grad or RN Residency Program. That might help you to be considered since you are a new NCLEX-RN passer. You're not a new grad of course. But just to get into it considerably, that might be an option for you. You can also apply at any SNF or skilled nursing facility, get your experience there and apply at any hospitals.
  7. vinnyfromtheblock

    NCLEX For a Philippine Nurse

    It's been years since most of the PH grads have been affected by concurrency issues. The only way to know if you're required to take courses is to apply. Just start applying. Read also some posts here about the concurrency issue not only concentrated for PH grads, but other IENs as well.
  8. vinnyfromtheblock

    NCLEX deficiency

    Regardless if you need to fight your case, the BRN has their own standards in evaluating foreign grad transcripts. So you need to take that. Lucky for you, you only need Med-Surg. I was required to take Med-Surg and OB. Others are required 3 courses. Some are required to take the whole program again. If you need a school to take a course like Med-Surg, you can inquire at Dominican University of California. It's in the bay area. The inquiry e-mail is ien@dominican.edu. They have priority listing, however just inquire them. Here's their website: https://www.dominican.edu/academics/hns2/internationally-educated-nurses/internationally-educated-nurses-page Other schools are Unitek College-Fremont, Modesto Junior College, CSU-Chico.
  9. vinnyfromtheblock


    I think the poster made it clear that she is in the U.S. already. So she doesn't need the visa or sponsorship. She just needs to apply for NCLEX-RN and pass it while working. Hehe. @tsetserat, remember that NCLEX-RN is difficult. Give yourself more time for it to prepare. Good luck!
  10. vinnyfromtheblock

    Master of Arts in nursing is it Recognize in any part of USA

    I'm not a woman. Hahahaha. My profile picture is apparently a guy, and my username is vinnyfromtheblock, meaning vinny is a common nickname for my real name Vincent. Hahaha. My friends call me Vinny or Vince.
  11. vinnyfromtheblock

    Master of Arts in nursing is it Recognize in any part of USA

    Regardless of your degree outside the U.S., you still need to apply for the specific State or territory that you're interested for. If your goal is to work in a skilled nursing facility or hospital, that can be an additional highlight on your resume. Any advance degree is a great addition to your professional education. I live here in California. I know somebody who has MAN degree in the Philippines. She also used to teach there in the Philippines. She wanted to teach here also, however she was not allowed until she could have at least 1 year of U.S. hospital experience. The Board of Registered Nursing here in California converted her MAN degree into MSN. Any nursing school here requires a teacher applicant to submit MSN degree diploma to the BRN and proof that he/she must have at least 1 year of U.S. hospital experience before she could be hired by the school. So she started working in a hospital just for over a year, I believe. Then she got hired by the nursing school after that. So yeah. That's just one thing for the MAN degree. I don't know for other States or territories. But as I've said, regardless of your degree whether BSN or master's degree, if you want to work here as a registered nurse, you have to apply for the RN license in your interested State or territory. Meaning, you still have to comply the basic requirements in order for you to be eligible. Each State or territory has a different method in their application process specifically for an internationally educated nurse (IEN) like you. Each of them also has their own website, so you can just google them. Good luck!
  12. vinnyfromtheblock

    Nurse Attendants in UCLA

    I am not a nurse attendant. But based on your post, you're making good steps for your goal. Having two jobs is not easy, but many have done it and are still doing it. So you can do it as well! Pursue your NCLEX. Take it again. Prepare for it. Once you pass that, you will have options to either work in Davita as RN or other hospitals. There are a lot of RN jobs out there. Just because you have two jobs doesn't mean you'll just say you'll take your NCLEX when you're ready. Don't lose your drive to take it again and again. Weigh your options: having two jobs as PCT and CNA or just being an RN?
  13. vinnyfromtheblock

    Renewing PH RN license from ABROAD

    Thank you for the reply.
  14. vinnyfromtheblock


    Employers here in the U.S. don't look into your GPA or percentage of your licensure exam from your homeland. The major requirement is passing NCLEX-RN. How do you do that? Well, start by making an application to your current State's or Territory's board of nursing. Each board of nursing in every State or territory has a website, so just google it. Submit all the requirements, and once you're eligible to take the exam, then you can schedule for the test. Let's say you already passed NCLEX-RN, then that's the start of hunting RN jobs. It might be easier for you to transition since you mentioned that you currently work as a Patient Care Technician or CNA in your hospital, or you can apply jobs from other employers as well. All employers, most of them, are posting job openings online. So internet is really a good source for you to begin your nursing career here in the U.S. Good luck, and share your stories whenever you pass NCLEX-RN or even getting the RN job! God bless!
  15. General ITIN Information | Internal Revenue Service That's the link. I don't know how you're gonna get that while you're not in the US cuz usually you should legally be here to apply for the ITIN or SSN. And remember, that's one of the MAIN requirements for the California BRN. Visit also the World Nursing page, then either click International Nursing or Nurse Registration page so that you will find answers there specific for International Educated Nurses (IENs).