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vince_reads has 3 years experience as a BSN, LVN, RN.

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  1. vince_reads

    California BRN has QUICK RESULTS now!

    It is amazing to know that the California Board of Registered Nursing is now enforcing the quick results. I just figured this out today. This is good news to all upcoming NCLEX-RN test takers. Apparently, this is for NCLEX-RN takers only, so we're all hoping that this can be enforced as well for the NCLEX-PN. At the BRN's website, this is their statement: "California candidates may access their unofficial results two business days after taking the exam, by purchasing Quick Results from Pearson VUE. You can order and pay for these results through your online Pearson VUE account, selecting the option “Quick Results” from the tool bar on the Home Page." And to make it to the list of states and territories that have quick results, California-RN is one of them now! See this link: https://www.ncsbn.org/1225.htm
  2. vince_reads

    Moving from Australia to America as a Nurse

    If you live in Missouri and you guys are staying in Missouri, then that state must be the convenient choice. However, I'm not sure if she's allowed to apply in Missouri without SSN, because most states and territories require SSN. If she wants to apply to states that don't require SSN because she's still in Australia, try Illinois or New Mexico. Most state boards of nursing are requiring CGFNS to process the NCLEX application. There is a link to all websites of all state boards of nursing including information about NCLEX. Click this: https://www.ncsbn.org/index.htm Click this link for the Missouri Board of Nursing: https://pr.mo.gov/nursing-licensure-rn.asp
  3. vince_reads

    Moving from Australia to America as a Nurse

    I took Med-Surg and OB courses because those 2 were required by the BRN during my application. Yes, they offer those courses you mentioned. I'm not sure if you're able to take these 3 at the same time. Some were able to take 2 at the same time but they were not working. I was working at that time as LVN, so I did 1 course each semester. 1 in summer, and 1 in fall semester. They need to see your letter from the board stating that you're required to take the required courses, because once you're done fulfilling the courses, they will send the transcript to the board. You mentioned that you are in Arizona. I am in California. You might need to ask the board of nursing in Arizona if they're okay for you to take these courses in California if you're able to. After that, ask Dominican University of California (their IEN e-mail is ien@dominican.edu) if they're willing to accept you as an IEN in Arizona. Each course is $6,150. But that is incomparable to other schools here that would ask $20K-$25K for 2 courses. There is an application for student loan if you're not able to pay off the tuition right away. I did that because my LVN pay was not enough to cover the costs. I've heard from some of my classmates before that some IENs who were residing in Texas were travelling every week to study at Dominican University of California (DUC) just to fulfill those courses. Those IENs had active RN licenses in Texas and they were trying to endorse their Texas RN licenses here in California, but they were still required to take courses so they asked the board of nursing in TX if they were able to take these courses outside TX, and the board said okay. They were working RNs in TX who travelled every week to DUC just to fulfill the courses. They must've worked out their schedules with their managers. So if you're willing to take these courses in California, my suggestion for you is to ask the board of nursing in AZ if you're allowed to take these courses outside AZ. If you are allowed, then you can contact DUC.
  4. vince_reads

    Moving from Australia to America as a Nurse

    Hello there Sir. What State are you from? I totally understand her concern. I'm a nurse from the Philippines and I was temporarily denied by California to take NCLEX due to concurrency issues with 2 courses from my degree. I was able to find a school that offers the 2 courses. That school offers required courses to take by the Board of Registered Nursing here in California to all IENs (internationally educated nurses). When I became a student there, my classmates are not only Filipinos. Some are Chinese, Armenians, and even Australians, and so on. We had a free NCLEX review after finishing the courses, and we met 2 Australians who happened to have Master's degree from Australia, but they were still required by the Board to take a Pediatric course. Your girlfriend needs to start applying first to the Board of Nursing (if you're in California, I'm willing to inform you of the school because I believe in the saying "spread the wealth"). It's Dominican University of California in San Rafael. It's a private Catholic university. Very beautiful university. And they accept IEN applicants all year round. Meaning, they have classes every semester (spring, summer, fall).
  5. Just my own suggestion. Apply first in your home state. Why? As people would say, you will always go back to where you're from. Hehe, cheesy statement. But that is just fundamental. You will always have a fall back no matter what happens down the line. So apply first in Massachusetts, pass the NCLEX and get the license. After passing the NCLEX, you can actually apply hospitals in Maryland for new grad positions and if you're going to get hired, some of these hospitals can help you process your license endorsement too. Then that point if you have 2 licenses for both states, you will have the privileges from a non-compact state and a compact state.
  6. vince_reads

    Permanent Resident in USA planning to take NCLEX

    Your permanent residency has nothing to do with NCLEX application except that it gives you the advantage to apply to States or territories that require SSN especially in California and now in your current State of Michigan. Even if you're located outside the US, you're still able to apply without SSN by applying to States and territories that don't require SSN such as New Mexico and Illinois. In your case, you have to apply through Michigan's BON's requirements as an international graduate. Thus, that pdf from Silverdragon102's link can guide you. Good luck!
  7. vince_reads

    Dual Citizen With Second Thoughts

    My best suggestion is for you to finish BSN there in the Philippines. The tuition cost is cheaper than in California. Your parents know better why they suggested to send you to the Philippines. MAKE SURE your clinical cases are CONCURRENT, okay? Meaning, if you take OB theory in that semester, make sure you get all your OB cases in that same semester. Same with your OR cases. If you're going back to California now, you will need to the pre-reqs and all. And you're not even sure if you're going to get in or not into a community college or university. So please, stay there and finish that BSN degree. Once you're done, then you can apply to the BRN as an international graduate. God bless and more power to you!
  8. Information is on their website. You can apply online as well through Breeze. If you are here in California and you have Social Security Number (SSN) or US TIN, then you can apply here in California. If you are still in the Philippines and is just applying while being there, California is not a good choice for you. There are other US states that don't require SSN. Good luck.
  9. vince_reads

    Fastest states that give international students ATT #

    It still depends on which State or Territory you're applying. Each has their own way of application for international grads. I thought there's an expedite process for CVS, but you have to pay extra. You might want to look at that.
  10. vince_reads


    I've heard about a few people who weren't residing in California and they were working in a different state; they were able to take those required courses from that state by asking their analyst if that's possible. You might need to contact your analyst if that'll happen. I did hear also some people who flew from Texas to California schools to take the classes and then they'd go back to Texas to work; that was their weekly thing. I don't know how they managed it but prolly they asked their managers to balance out their schedules.
  11. vince_reads

    BSN 2010 Philippine Graduate

    If you really want to stay here in California, then apply for the RN license. You need to beat the odds. You will know if you're required to retake courses after their evaluation on your application. So apply first, and you'll know. My friend applied through Breeze online and she got the response after 2 months. Good luck.
  12. vince_reads

    Ob and Ms deficiency - NCLEX RN

    Also about the tuition, I didn't have much money so they offered a loan from a specific website. Luckily, I got approved so my tuition fees for my 2 courses were covered. So you might ask for that student loan site and apply if you don't have much money to pay for the tuition. Most of my classmates applied for it, hehe. Go go go! There is always a way to do things! God will make a way to make it happen for all of us!
  13. vince_reads

    Ob and Ms deficiency - NCLEX RN

    Hello there! I went to Dominican University of California. Google that school. It's in San Rafael, California. It's north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's a private Catholic university, and the school is so pretty. It felt like I was in an European university when I went there. A bunch of my classmates came from Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento, Vallejo, San Francisco and more. We were all over California. Other foreign grads also came from Australia, Armenia, Russia, China, and more! When I went there in 2017, each course is $6,150. Double that up if you're required 2 courses. But that's lesser than the tuition fees mentioned by Unitek College in Fremont, California. You can contact ien@dominican.edu to inquire about your situation. They offer courses all year round, like summer, fall and spring. They also have Facebook group page and mostly they post updates about any spaces for specific courses in the current semester, or else you will have to wait still for the next semester. That is why it's much better to contact them through their e-mail because the person who manages that is very responsive to your queries. You might get ahead to be filled in if you have LVN license already or you have RN license outside California. Nonetheless, you contact them for more details. Don't lose hope! You are not the only one who is in this situation. Good luck and God bless us all!
  14. vince_reads

    UC Davis Medical Center RN Residency Summer/Fall 2018

    Haven't heard from anybody. You had an interview, right? Did you get the job?
  15. vince_reads

    UC Davis Medical Center RN Residency Summer/Fall 2018

    Thank you. Congrats on your residency program as well.
  16. vince_reads

    UC Davis Medical Center RN Residency Summer/Fall 2018

    I got hired at Doctors Medical Center (Modesto, CA). There are 47 of us who got hired, and we're gonna start on July 23. The other one that I just had an interview is at Lodi Memorial Hospital (Lodi, CA), and they're still doing interviews this week. I think LMH is still accepting applications, because their starting date will be on August 14.

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