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vince_reads has 6 years experience as a BSN, LVN, RN and specializes in Medical-Surgical Nursing.

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  1. vince_reads

    New Grad RN Programs Northern CA Help

    Around March or April, Doctors Medical Center in Modesto will start opening job positions for the RN New Grad program. They do this twice a year: March-April application for July cohort, and October-November application for February cohort. They're a big hospital, imagine they have 4 ICU departments (SICU, CCU, CVICU, Neuro ICU), 1 PCU and quite a few Med-Surg departments (Tele, Ortho, Respi, Neuro Tele, Onco Tele, and so on). In Modesto alone, the city has 3 major hospitals: DMC, Memorial Medical Center or MMC (under Sutter Health), and Kaiser Permanente Modesto Medical Center. You might wanna see MMC as well because Sutter has Clinical Nurse Resident (CNR) programs too. Modesto has also one sub-acute hospital, it's called Central Valley Specialty Hospital. Google them! In San Joaquin County: St. Joseph's Medical Center in Stockton, San Joaquin General Hospital in French Camp, Lodi Memorial Hospital in Lodi, Dameron Hospital in Stockton, Doctors Hospital of Manteca in Manteca, Sutter Tracy Community Hospital in Tracy. These have new grad programs too. I applied at UCD before as well and other hospitals in Sac or even the entire central valley. After working 2.5 years at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, now I'm working at Kaiser. Just apply and apply until you get it! Everywhere is hiring new grads due to the pandemic. Good luck on your application! You're gonna get this!
  2. vince_reads

    Some IENs received eligibility from California BRN

    I graduated in 2011. Some of my friends graduated between 2007-2013.
  3. vince_reads

    BON not answering

    Do not lose hope. Do not give up. You are not the only one who experiences this. Your reaction is as normal as we have experienced here in California, and some are still experiencing. It makes you so disheartened, sad and frustrated. We felt these emotions since we received our letter from the board here. So depressing. We didn't expect this at all since we arrived here in the U.S. It's tough because the pandemic adds another strife to this, but as I've said, seek solutions while fulfilling the requirement. Try to inquire as much schools as you can. Keep bugging the board to get what you need answered. It's okay to vent out here. I feel you. I'll pray for you.
  4. vince_reads

    BON not answering

    This is the first time that I hear someone is required 2 courses from Georgia. Now you feel the frustration that we have here in California as IENs, even more to those IENs who already have their Master's degree. All we did was to fulfill those requirements despite of having the BSN already or MSN, all because we want to stay here in our state. Yes, you can feel us now that it's difficult to inquire schools because we aren't regular students here doing pre-reqs and all. I can still remember those difficult days. I probably inquired all nursing schools in the entire California. Goodness. Until I found a school with the other IENs who have the same case as me. And even up to this day, a lot of IENs are still stuck to this requirement since 2010. It's frustrating that the board deems us temporary "ineligible" to take NCLEX-RN. But hey, hang in there. This will pass. Despite of how you think you are qualified or overqualified, if the board deems you ineligible for now because of the lacking requirement, you have to fulfill it. Same as we fulfilled the requirement here in California, and some are still seeking to fulfill it. Seek solutions while fulfilling the requirement. You might resolve this prior to completing the requirement. Good luck!
  5. vince_reads

    BON not answering

    Every Board of Nursing in every State/Territory has different ways to apply as an IEN. Each board has the authority to temporarily deny you for eligibility if they think you lack their requirement. It's up to the board now. You have to fight for it if it's already certified by WES that it's equivalent. Did the board accept the WES certification?
  6. vince_reads

    Some IENs received eligibility from California BRN

    Let me remind you that California is the strictest state to apply as an IEN regardless of whatever country you come from. You may need to read MORE threads here about California BRN. The BRN has been requiring IENs to retake 1 course, 2 courses, 3 courses or even the whole RN program. This thread is about those who applied in 2020. I know a few friends who applied last year and they aren't required to retake courses anymore. My good guess is because of the pandemic. California is in need of nurses.
  7. vince_reads

    BON not answering

    I reside in California. You may keep contacting the Board there to see if you can appeal one course that you already took. Here in California, the Board is allowing a physical appearance at their office window for urgent purposes; this was pre-COVID, I don't know now. I don't know about there in Georgia.
  8. vince_reads

    BON not answering

    What state or territory did you apply?
  9. vince_reads

    BSN 2010 Philippine Graduate

    Whatever is convenient for you is what I can say. You won't know if you're required to take a course or courses unless if you apply to the California BRN. The board does their own evaluation. Many have done the LVN first by challenging the BVNPT, including me. But still, it's a rigorous process. You may do that if you aren't in a hurry to be a California RN. Now, if you really want to become a California RN, then apply to the BRN. Whatever they ask you to fulfill, then fulfill it. We are in pandemic and I have a few friends who got the eligibility last 2020 without being required to retake courses. This is prolly because of the pandemic and California is in need of nurses. You may do that as well - apply to the BRN and see what happens. If they require to retake courses, then it's up to you to fulfill that or challenge the LVN, or do both.
  10. Hello guys. I'm starting this thread just to see how many of you have received eligibility letters as an IEN applicant here in California, without being required to retake a course or courses. I know a few friends who applied this year, and even a few months ago, and they aren't required anymore to retake courses. I'm so glad that this happened to them because they don't need to undergo applying anymore to schools and be on the waitlist, just like I did and other thousands of IENs. I'm thinking that maybe BRN is waiving the course requirement due to an apparent high need of nurses now here in California secondary to COVID-19. Kindly share your stories, experience or good news (eligibility letters).
  11. vince_reads

    California New Grad Contract

    I was on a new grad residency program as well. I'm still working at my current job ever since. I'm still thankful. But let me tell you... A few of my co-new grads got a job from other hospitals even less than a year of experience, some after working there for a year. And guess what? They didn't receive any billing statement at all to pay for not working the full 2 years. Kinda silly to think but I have not encountered one who receives a single billing statement. This is even the most shocking and fun story. We had one new grad in August 2019. As soon as she was scheduled to be on her own, she didn't show up. I just found out that she quit when she added me on facebook and she told me she quit on the day that she was scheduled to work on her own. Hahaha. She got hired at an outpatient surgical center because she likes surgeries. Up to now, she hasn't received a single billing statement for breaking the contract. She finished the new grad program orientation, though. Hahaha.
  12. vince_reads

    CA License by Endorsement Transcript Confusion

    Yes, because that's where you earned your ADN.
  13. vince_reads

    Using CGFNS to Get CA RN License

    The BRN requires the applicant to get the nursing education transcript directly from where you get the diploma which is coming from your school regardless if this would be your initial licensure exam application or endorsement. They don't need to receive it from any evaluating agency. That's California. Don't waste your money asking CGFNS to send your transcript to California BRN. They won't accept it. There will be a form that you need to fill out to give it to your nursing school to request the transcript. So there's no purpose of asking CGFNS or any evaluating agency to send it to them. Let me reiterate and I hope this clarifies your concern that the California BRN requires your transcript DIRECTLY from the school where you earned your nursing degree. Good luck!
  14. vince_reads

    Using CGFNS to Get CA RN License

    California BRN does their own evaluation of your transcript regardless of where you got your degree. They don't require CGFNS or any other evaluation agency to do it. You will have to undergo the process of endorsing your RN license from New York to California.
  15. Dominican University of California offers courses for IENs too. Email them at ien@dominican.edu for more queries.
  16. From previous posts, if you're not able to comply with the BRN, then they're not gonna give you the eligibility. They do their own evaluation, not through CGFNS or other agencies. Especially our BSN curriculum in the Philippines includes clinical cases, so they must be submitted for evaluation and they'll know if they're concurrent with the theory or not.