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vince_reads has 3 years experience as a BSN, LVN, RN.

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  1. vince_reads

    California NCLEX-RN

    Yes I had to go back to school. 2 courses only: Med-Surg and OB. These 2 courses are commonly required to Philippine nursing grads by the BRN. A few were required Peds only; some just OB only. Depends on your evaluation. There were even some who were required to take the whole RN program. You have to know that this happened and still happens to hundreds of international grads not only concentrated to PH grads. I took the courses for 2 semesters only. Because that school only accepts 1 course each semester for IENs.
  2. vince_reads

    California NCLEX-RN

    When did you finish your BSN degree? Did you have it on the new curriculum? If you really want to stay here in California, then you apply to the BRN. If you're gonna be temporarily denied because of the concurrency issue, then there are solutions. You go to a school that offers the classes just like me who went to a school, and like others as well (hundreds of us, even thousands). Apply first and let your application get evaluated so that you will know where to start.
  3. Then your friend needs to fulfill those required courses. I didn't get an active license outside of California. But when I took the 2 required courses, I had classmates who have active licenses outside Cali and they endorsed it here. They were required to take Med-Surg and OB and that's why they were in my class. Now we're RNs because we fulfilled those courses even though it was tough to get into. If she's interested to go to that school, e-mail ien@dominican.edu. That's their contact e-mail for anything about IENs. School's name is Dominican University of California. Great school, great instructors and awesome neighborhood for a bay area university. Good luck!
  4. vince_reads

    CGFNS and transcripts

    I did this before and I can share this based on my experience. The CGFNS will send a document DIRECTLY TO YOUR SCHOOL to ask for your education documents like your transcripts and all. It will show on your CGFNS account if it was sent already. This takes time to arrive in your school like 2-3 weeks during my time. In order for me to know if the school received that, I asked my aunt to go to my school and ask the registrar or the appropriate department that releases such documents. I had to let my aunt go there to make sure the process is smooth because you know sometimes in the Philippines, some schools don't process such requests if they're not being bothered. My aunt had to go there as well upon the release because she was given a release date and she had to pay something to ease them people (politics). The documents were sealed by the school (including the FROM and TO sections), but my aunt sent it (not FROM her name, but FROM the school's name). Why? Because my school didn't have a budget to send documents internationally (it's quite expensive). So it was sent by her through a 3-day delivery service. By looking at my CGFNS account, I saw that they received it. Hope that this can give you an idea. Good luck.
  5. vince_reads


    I know someone who finished her BSN from the Philippines in 2015, but she wasn't required to take classes or whatsoever. She got her eligibility after applying and submitting all those required documents. You have to apply first to the BRN before applying for the LVN becomes an option. I don't think CGFNS is required to apply for the BRN as an international graduate. Only the BVNPT requires a credential agency like CGFNS or ERES to process for the equivalent education. BRN requires you to directly apply to them via mail or Breeze online (this is faster). Knowing from the recent BSN grads in the Philippines like since 2015 to present, there is a slight chance to be rejected or to be temporarily denied by the BRN because clinical cases are now concurrent with the new curriculum in the Philippines. Apply to the BRN first and wait for their evaluation. Thank me later if you become eligible to sit for the NCLEX right away. Good luck.
  6. vince_reads

    Helping my wife

    Each board of nursing has their own website. So you might wanna check each one of them if she's interested to apply any State or US territory. But start with Maryland if you guys are residing in Maryland. www.ncsbn.org is the main hub for everything about NCLEX.
  7. vince_reads

    Helping my wife

    Yes, it is always possible. You can always apply to any State or US territory. Of course, it's also more convenient if your wife or your family plans to stay, live or reside in Maryland, that she'll apply for Maryland's board of nursing. That way, endorsing the license won't be a big hustle.
  8. vince_reads

    Ob and Ms deficiency - NCLEX RN

    Also about the tuition, I didn't have much money so they offered a loan from a specific website. Luckily, I got approved so my tuition fees for my 2 courses were covered. So you might ask for that student loan site and apply if you don't have much money to pay for the tuition. Most of my classmates applied for it, hehe. Go go go! There is always a way to do things! God will make a way to make it happen for all of us!
  9. vince_reads

    Ob and Ms deficiency - NCLEX RN

    Hello there! I went to Dominican University of California. Google that school. It's in San Rafael, California. It's north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's a private Catholic university, and the school is so pretty. It felt like I was in an European university when I went there. A bunch of my classmates came from Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento, Vallejo, San Francisco and more. We were all over California. Other foreign grads also came from Australia, Armenia, Russia, China, and more! When I went there in 2017, each course is $6,150. Double that up if you're required 2 courses. But that's lesser than the tuition fees mentioned by Unitek College in Fremont, California. You can contact ien@dominican.edu to inquire about your situation. They offer courses all year round, like summer, fall and spring. They also have Facebook group page and mostly they post updates about any spaces for specific courses in the current semester, or else you will have to wait still for the next semester. That is why it's much better to contact them through their e-mail because the person who manages that is very responsive to your queries. You might get ahead to be filled in if you have LVN license already or you have RN license outside California. Nonetheless, you contact them for more details. Don't lose hope! You are not the only one who is in this situation. Good luck and God bless us all!
  10. vince_reads

    MS and OB deficiency in CA BRN - philippine graduate

    You can contact Dominican University of California in San Rafael, California at ien@dominican.edu. There were a few of Australians who went there as well for the deficient courses. Good luck!
  11. vince_reads

    New Grad Residency UCLA for ADN?

    You have to have your BSN degree.
  12. California doesn't require you to submit an English Proficiency proof. However, California requires you to submit a Certified English Translator form if your education curriculum is not English. Please read more on their website. Good luck.
  13. For California, there is no "safe duration of evidence-based practice requirement." You basically submit the required documents. You can visit their website for more information. Regardless of how long you haven't practiced as RN in your country, California will accept your application and they do their evaluation if you're eligible or you need classes to take. First step for you to know is to apply and submit the required documents. Good luck!
  14. vince_reads

    Foreing educated nurse looking for a job in the US

    You might need to look at any hospitals that offer a New Grad or RN Residency Program. That might help you to be considered since you are a new NCLEX-RN passer. You're not a new grad of course. But just to get into it considerably, that might be an option for you. You can also apply at any SNF or skilled nursing facility, get your experience there and apply at any hospitals.
  15. vince_reads

    NCLEX For a Philippine Nurse

    It's been years since most of the PH grads have been affected by concurrency issues. The only way to know if you're required to take courses is to apply. Just start applying. Read also some posts here about the concurrency issue not only concentrated for PH grads, but other IENs as well.
  16. vince_reads

    NCLEX deficiency

    Regardless if you need to fight your case, the BRN has their own standards in evaluating foreign grad transcripts. So you need to take that. Lucky for you, you only need Med-Surg. I was required to take Med-Surg and OB. Others are required 3 courses. Some are required to take the whole program again. If you need a school to take a course like Med-Surg, you can inquire at Dominican University of California. It's in the bay area. The inquiry e-mail is ien@dominican.edu. They have priority listing, however just inquire them. Here's their website: https://www.dominican.edu/academics/hns2/internationally-educated-nurses/internationally-educated-nurses-page Other schools are Unitek College-Fremont, Modesto Junior College, CSU-Chico.

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