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vince_reads has 7 years experience as a BSN, LVN, RN and specializes in Medical-Surgical Nursing.

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  1. Overtime pay over 8 hrs?

    They randomly call you anytime of the day Mon-Fri. No, they don't set up a date and time to talk to you, but they will leave a voicemail if you don't answer your phone, so you better call back right away. KP Roseville is a safe neighborhood. Ar...
  2. Overtime pay over 8 hrs?

    TBH with you, IDK about the video interview because I didn't have that during my pre-hire assessments. I only had 1 test assessment like 20 or 25 questions, I can't remember. I have another friend who asked me too about the video interview, and IDK a...
  3. Overtime pay over 8 hrs?

    Yes. Applying to UC Davis, Sutter and other hospitals like Dignity Health can be an option to get hired even with 1 year RN experience. And you can work as Per Diem for us, while he works at a non-Kaiser hospital. Ahahaha. I can't say for other...
  4. Overtime pay over 8 hrs?

    So there's no problem with your experience because you have so much. You'll prolly be hired right away as an external applicant. Hahaha. Tell your husband to start applying when he reaches 1 year of RN experience while building more experience. Get a...
  5. Overtime pay over 8 hrs?

    Hello there. Kaiser hires RNs with BSN degrees. That is their priority. It is only when you internally work at Kaiser as Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician (similar to CNA) or whatever non-nursing positions, then you have your ADN degree, tha...
  6. Australian RN equivalent to USA LPN?

    Try contacting Dominican University of California at Good luck.
  7. LVN vs. ADN

    The disease process in ADN is more intense or comprehensive than the LVN program. LVN program can be finished in about 9-10 months. ADN program can be finished in a proper 2-year program with 4 semesters.
  8. LVN vs. ADN

    You already mentioned that you have an offer for the ADN program. That means that you worked hard in fulfilling those pre-reqs. Imagine how many students want to get your spot just to be in the ADN program! It isn't easy. It's hecka competitive nowad...
  9. LVN vs. ADN

    LVN is under the supervision of an RN. An RN can be a graduate from the ADN program (Associate's) or BSN program (Bachelor's). If your goal is to become an RN, then grab that opportunity to be in the ADN program. So many students want to get in....
  10. Stay where you are for now. Ask questions from nurses who work at a SNF, or hospital before deciding to work in another environment. Ask them in person. I know someone who used to be LPN/LVN here in California at a home health agency. Once she ...
  11. Hard Decision

    Gain more experience in your hospital like 2-3 years more and then decide.
  12. Patient Abandonment

    I am horrified by this nurse. How could you? The Board of Nursing needs to revoke his license. Good luck with that Mr. LPN.
  13. Kaiser Application Status

    Not this time yet. Your time will come. Just keep applying.
  14. Kaiser Application Status

    I'm sorry to know that you failed the 2nd part. I can't remember those tests anymore. Hope you can apply next time and be considered.
  15. Kaiser Application Status

    I don't think that you have been demoted. You don't know that. It just literally means that your job submission is complete, and is ready to be reviewed by the Talent Acquisition Agent or Recruiter. If they don't call you after 1 month of submi...