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  1. Rookienurse12

    New nurse, 11p-7a float on LTC, Dementia and Skilled.

    amoLucia--Thank you, thank you! I am nervous/excited to start and I hope have a good orientation period. Being a new nurse can feel overwhelming and I just want to be as efficient as I can. I will take everything you've said and familiarize myself with the abx! I really appreciate the feedback...:)
  2. Rookienurse12

    New nurse, 11p-7a float on LTC, Dementia and Skilled.

    montecarlo64--Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I am hoping that because I am on nights that the pace will be conducive to learning. I will be orienting on days so I do hope to see patients at their normal so I'll be able to compare. I also don't know what I'll have for ancillary staff but I will definitely treat them with the utmost respect! Some of the meds are familiar and some are not, thanks for listing them. I will try to keep you posted, thanks again
  3. I am starting a new position as a charge nurse, 11p-7a and one 7p-7a shift. I will float between Skilled, LTC and Dementia units. I would like any info to better prepare for this position. I don't have experience (except school clinicals) with Dementia and will be alone with ancillary staff. Common meds I should study beforehand would also be benefical. Thank you!