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  1. Love_Leneva

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    I found them on their website.C-NET | Center For Nursing Education & Testing | Meeting Nursing's Assessment Needs
  2. Love_Leneva

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    Are you saying I have the option on pushing my test date back? This would help tremendously because I want to study for as long as I can to ensure I pass. Thanks for your response.
  3. Love_Leneva

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    Hi guys!I applied for the C-Net LPN Program for 2013 on Friday. I paid the $45 online, and I ordered the study materials, too. They gave me an option of dates to choose from for a test - I chose the latest date which was 12/7 (my wedding anniversary, actually). Anyway, can someone please tell me is the P-NAT is the test everyone on this thread has referred to as the CNet test, or are they two completely different tests? Also, please advise what to do while I wait to take this P-NAT test and what to focus on study wise. All (if any) responses are hugely appreciated. P/S - I TOTALLY suck at Math. I went to high school in South Africa and had the option of dropping math at 8th grade, which I did, gladly. Any strategies you can advise me on to ensure I score well in the test? I want this SO bad!! Thanks much! SQ Edit: P-NAT (Practical Nursing Assesment Test). I believe that's what it stands for.
  4. Love_Leneva

    Registering for P-NAT tomorrow!

    Hello all! I am new here - Well, I have been lurking for a while gathering all the info I can. I am 30, married, mommy of 2 and I am currently (have been for 8 years) in the child care field but I have had about enough. I have a new found passion for nursing. Though I am only registering to take the P-NAT (yes, I'm just beginning), I am already so anxious. I have read the "Mid Manhattan/Brooklyn Adult Learning Center" thread only a hundred times and I have gathered SO much info that will help during my journey towards becoming an LPN. I have ordered the P-NAT sample tests and look forward to studying. I am probably the weakest student in Math, EVER, so I will practice, and practice until I am confident I am ready. Question: Is anyone else in the process of starting out a nursing career just like myself? I have no prior nursing experience at all. I look forward to any comments!:) SQ