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  1. PACU nursing

    I need advice bc as a PACU nurse for one year I do not react quick enough to airway complications. I have difficulties in when to use an oral or nasopharyngeal airway, when to bag or narcan a patient. I know I need to bag a patient if hypoventilating...
  2. Cheyne stokes and agonal

    Just want to know exactly what cheyne stokes and agonal breathing are? There is no video that does it justice
  3. I've

    Next time if I have an iv that is going off and I don't know why I will just change iv tubing and pump. Bc like I was saying it was flushing good, the iv line was not kinked or clamped. I was my patients room almost every hour.
  4. I've

    The location of the iv did t seem it would of affected the moment of his hand as if it was all positional like an ac iv.
  5. Lung bases

    I have hearing my lung bases on me as well
  6. Lung bases

    I have a hard time hearing lung bases anterior and posterior. Have any suggestions? And I have the electronic stethoscope so I should be able to hear them. Other than charting diminished bases each time.
  7. I've

    I had an iv pump that kept saying distal occlusion. The line wasn't linked and iv flushed and looked fine. If it says distal occlusion, do you think something was wrong with the iv even though there was no real physical signs something wrong with iv....