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  1. Should I stay?

    NEVER sign for someone elses work! ALWAYS cover your butt! Stick up and fight for the respect you deserve! As I was taught in school.......Nurses tend to eat their young!!!! Don't let that happen to you! Lisa
  2. Job Opinion!!

    I'm a 4mths new RN and I have had people say do med-surg first and others say if you are interested in a specialty than "Go For It". I have wanted to work in the OR since day one. Money is great but so is your sanity. I say "Follow your Heart". T...
  3. How much do you make?

    Dear Dplear, Now I know why I have been considering moving to the US from Canada to work. I just might have to keep your hospital on my list. Lisa RN:rolleyes:
  4. Hi All, In my final year and considering relocating to Fla when I graduate. Would love to hear from other Cdns who have made to the big move. Any info on work conditions, salaries, good neighbourhoods, school conditions in Fla would be greatly app...
  5. Canadian RNs working in Florida!!!

    Hi everyone, My family and I are considering relocating to Fla after I graduate in the spring!! Would love to hear back from any Canadian RNs who have relocated to Fla - I am considering the Orlando area but am open to suggestions. Appreciate any ...