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  1. mattdixon

    Almost passed out at clinical!!!

    I've never gagged or anything like that with puke/BM/trach care/wounds etc., but they do get to me, I just try to turn the patient away from me when I'm cleaning them so they don't see me possibly cringe my nose or something like that, don't want to embarrass them more than they already are. The only thing that made me get light headed and a cold sweat was when I was viewing a gastric bypass surgery, and the they cut out this HUGE chunk of skin (think tummy tuck, he actually was getting a tummy tuck in addition strangely enough) and I just got dizzy and had to turn away before I passed out. That was about the worst it's been so far, and I don't think I could see worse than that. I've seen decubitus ulcers down to the muscle and even bone, but that big hunk of belly got to me the worst of all.
  2. mattdixon

    Disabled Student Nurses

    I have sports/weightlifting injuries in my knees (double ACL tears, 2 surgeries for each knee so far, and hopefully forever) and I do start getting fatigue in my legs after a 8-10 hour shift, but I've manage to get through it by keeping my legs strength trained. I'm also "legally" blind, but that's nothing a pair of contacts hasn't fixed, so I just keep an extra pair on me in case I was to lose one. And I do have occasional social anxiety (I guess not techically a disability) but I just get through that with grit, and refrain from prescriptions to do it. Glad to see others are making it too!
  3. mattdixon

    Dress Code for nursing students?

    Summed it up perfectly. Most students that I know in our nursing program aren't loaded, or have free reign of their parent's pocketbooks so they can't wear 60 dollar button up shirts and 50 dollar slacks with a nice pair of patent leather shoes to class. If I could afford those kind of clothes I would dress like that every day. As a matter of fact, I like dressing up nicely. But to be quite frank and honest, I don't have the cash to buy those type of clothes, so It's going to be a couple 15 dollar tee shirt from Old navy and a few pairs of 40 dollar jeans. The whole pay-less shoe arguement and cheap slacks from Target is nice in theory, but to be honest cheap made dressy clothes look just that: cheap. They also tear up alot easier because of low quality construction and honestly they just look dumb for the most part. I think as long as a student isn't coming to class in attire that would make someone think "what the hell" then they should be fine. We have a clinical and community uniform and it works great for those settings, but we can't be expected to have 4-5 nice outfits for our lecture/lab days. That would cost way to much on our budgets... classes and books where I'm at is around 3k a semester as is, and I barely afford that working part time.
  4. Well, this isn't humor, more along the lines of horror... My mother was telling me about one patient she had who was very schizo. and delusional, but didn't have a history of violence. One night they heard her roommate screaming and the schiz. pt had tore one of her roommate's eyes out and damaged the other one enough to cause her to be blind in it. She told everyone that God told her to do it. The story made me cringe.
  5. mattdixon

    DUI and licensure in Texas?

    Hrm, I guess Texas or maybe your school does it differently, but I think the lawyers right. The main thing boards are concerned with is not getting substance abusers in hospitals that will be a potential risk to patients or steal the meds. Good luck though, I think you'll be fine.
  6. mattdixon

    DUI and licensure in Texas?

    More than likely you'll have a shot. Are you even in nursing school at the moment? You'll find out for sure if you are ok or not once you report these incidences upon applying for nursing school... that information is sent to the board along with your paperwork and probably a written/typed explanation from you. If they let you in the Nursing program they'll probably set a probationary period for you once do get in. that's how it works in Louisiana, hopefully that'll help a lil bit.
  7. mattdixon

    Effectiveness of bleach against MRSA

    from my education on MRSA, I'm pretty positive that bleach is an effective disinfectant.
  8. mattdixon

    Nurses make their own drugs???

    we did this in I think my chemistry 102 class about 3 years ago... the Proff. didn't mention that nursing students would be doing it for years to come though anyway, here's a site that explains the process. http://www.kolias.com/science/aspirin.htm
  9. mattdixon

    Nurses and smoking......

    I've been smoking less than a year, and it was mainly due to being very stressed out and depressed at the time. it started with just a few cigarettes a week but escalated to over a pack a day. I've been weening myself off of them, but I can assure you after being a non-smoker for 21 years and being a smoker the rest... it's probably the hardest thing to do in the world to quit. I've also encountered many many people that think because they don't smoke and I do that they have a "Right" to tell me where to shove it and every opinion they have on it. I'll give an example. about 2 and half months ago at a local Fair they had a section of the park that people could smoke and such. Well there happened to be some middle aged non smokers in the area that insisted I get away from them and get down wind of everyone else. I told the woman that initially said the first one liner, that this is the only place in the park that I can smoke and I'm sorry if the wind was blowing it at her, so I proceeded to get as far away from her as I possibly could. She then responds "all you people are the same, you don't care what you do to yourself or others around you" Well this could be further from the truth, when I'm going to my nursing classes or just walking around school smoking a cigarette I speed up to get away from people so they won't get it in their face, or risk being late by getting far behind people in front of me for the same reason. I never throw the butts on the ground and make it a must to put them in the appropriate places. So all I guess I'm really saying is before you start casting stones, think about some of the things you do and try not to say rude things to smokers or anyone and be their judge. Just because you don't smoke doesn't mean you can bombard them with rude comments and your opinions, it just doesn't give you a certain "right" they're not entitled to. Just because we smoke doesn't mean our feelings don't get hurt when someone is overly rude to us because of our terrible habit. Some of these people casting the stones are some of the same people that get piss drunk and take the chance of driving home risking someone elses life. We all only have one judge and that's God. Just think about how you would feel before you speak about a situation.
  10. mattdixon

    I'm Shaking in My Boots over Returning to School!

    those pre req rules really screwed me up my freshman year because we're the last people to register for classes so I missed out on some labs therefore setting me back, but as long as I graduate before I'm 25 I'll be happy :)
  11. mattdixon

    Nursing Student W/ prior DUI

    I can try to help the best I can... I'm in my first semester of nursing school right now and when we applied we had to answer the same question. Upon answering the question I then had to provide documents of my records and such to the Louisiana State Board of nursing. I had very minor offenses like getting in a fight while in high school, and underage possession of alcohol when I was 20. Well anyways, I was never convicted of any of the charges and they were dropped with no records even available to give the Nursing Board. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but was I wrong. Even with no records, the board put me on probation the whole time I'm in nursing school. This probation consists of a 1 time appointment with a clinical psychologist, a psychiatrist, and a drug assessment counselor all at my expense. Also I had to send them 200 dollars to "process" the information the previous three places said about me. Also the information that they conclude about me is not covered by any privacy act which essentially means anyone can get their hands on it. Which really isn't bad since all three of them were very nice and said some very nice things about me, but its just the point. On top of all that, I have to send the Nursing Board 25 dollars a month while I'm attending nursing classes, and also am subject to drug tests monthy which doesn't include the tests the nursing school gives randomly. All of this at my expense for charges that were all dropped in court because I really wasn't guilty of them, just wrong place wrong time wrong people situations. I can't say much about other state nursing boards, but the one in Louisiana really either has issues, or is out to make money... which i think it's a blend of both. And I do realize that Nursing Boards need to take measures like this to keep criminals out of hospitals so they won't hurt patients or steal medicines, but right now I'm about 2500 dollars in debt over something I was never convicted for, and I feel like I'm being treated like a drug addict with the mandatory drug testing they are imposing on me even though none of the charges I ever face were related to drugs. It's a crazy thing to have to go through, and if you face the same things I'm going through just make sure you have a big net of support and comfort through family and friends because they are the only reason I haven't broke down from all the stress the "process" has put me through.
  12. mattdixon

    I'm Shaking in My Boots over Returning to School!

    I feel the same fear as you do right now in my first semester of Nursing school. I'm 22 now and have been in college since I was 18, having to essentially make up my first year because of C's I made simply because I was naive and not ready for the transition from high school. I took last semester off because I was living on my own and accumulated more bills than I could handle, but now I'm finishing up my 2nd week of nursing school. I'm absolutely terrified at this point. I am one of about 4 guys in my class of nursing students out of about 80 something students. That already makes me a little uncomfortable, but it's nothing against the women and girls in the class. It also feels like many of the students have a grasp of more of the information than me, sometimes I feel lost and that no matter what I'll do it won't be enough. I also feel pressure from my family and extended family, because I come from a family line of about 20+ nurses and doctors. I guess it's just the jitters of being new to the whole thing and hoping to live up to the expectations of everyone.