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  1. VAPrincess1036

    retake again

    HURST for sure. If not for HURST I wouldn't of passed on my first try in 75 questions.
  2. VAPrincess1036

    I got all 265 questions!

    One of my classmates got all 265 questions and passed. She took it in Sept 2014. If you got the good pop up I think you are ok.
  3. VAPrincess1036

    FAILED NCLEX (2015). Need advice, please.

    Please look into the HURST review if you need help with core content. I struggled with Kaplan which was provided by my school. I paid for the HURST live review to do on my own and it was worth every penny. It's $350 but totally worth it.
  4. VAPrincess1036

    Apps for studying?

    NCLEX mastery for sure. I had it on my iPhone and used it when I could. Def helped me pass my NCLEX. Pay for the extended version if you can . Good luck!
  5. VAPrincess1036

    ODU concurrent fall 2015

    I'm a Riverside graduate and the first student to actually do the concurrent enrollment with ODU graduated in Aug 2014. It's a rather new thing. They are pushing for that since Riverside wants to go magnet and you need nurses that have their BSN. If you just enroll at Riverside you get the RN diploma. I heard it was tough for her to do the concurrent enrollment but she made it. I was a E/W LPN to RN bridge student and we graduated with the day division Aug 2014 class. Good luck and I love that y'all have such a well thought out plan.
  6. Hello everyone! I applied to the Mary Washington New Grad RN Residency Program in Fredericksburg, VA. I have an interview next week. I was just wondering if anyone else applied or any advice from past RNs who have done the program. Thanks in advance!
  7. VAPrincess1036

    LPN or RN? Spouse in Military?

    As another milspouse who has spent her life in school (LPN to RN to BSN) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your ADN. I was young and newly married got my LPN so that I could move with my DH and would just finish my RN later. Well later with the moving, life, needing a job to pay bills, and actually getting into a program happened to be 7 years later for me. Yes you can get it sooner many people do but why take the chance. I kick myself every single day for not just getting my RN first. You can always do an online bridge program and get your BSN. I feel like I wasted tons of time and money going the long route. Plus it's not easy to find an LPN job everywhere you move I have had troubles in the past. You and your spouse will spend time apart with his career anyways and you will want a job to keep you busy while he is gone. I know it's sad and it sucks but believe me it will make you a stronger person and couple. Also about working for the base yes they hire civilian nurses. I currently work for the air force as a civilian nurse and have worked at a navy facility at our last base. It's a contract job it pays more than the regular jobs out in town because the benefits are awful but guess what you won't need them :-). Good luck and please get your RN!
  8. VAPrincess1036

    Military Spouse! Should I tell them?

    I say go ahead and say that while you can. Soon your resume will have multiple jobs from all over the country/world and it will be obvious you are probably a military spouse. It sucks that employers think that before they get a chance to interview you or offer you a position.
  9. VAPrincess1036

    Agency RN @ Tripler

    My best friend worked at Tripler in the post-surgical unit and loved it. It was for a contract agency as well. Best way to become GS is be a contractor first. That's how I became GS as well worked at NMCP in VA and was offered a GS position when one opened up. You being prior military will give you points and so will the MSP (military spouse preference) program the GS system has. Good luck!
  10. VAPrincess1036

    Failed Nclex..Again

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the HURST review best thing I ever did. I passed my first try in 75 questions. It was the best $350 I ever spent. I went to the live review as opposed to the online. Online review is $300-it's worth the extra $50 to have live in my opinion. I struggled through school some but I totally think HURST is what helped me pass. Kaplan didn't do much for me. Don't give up third time is the charm :-)
  11. VAPrincess1036

    Why are we in LPN school?

    I graduated from LPN school in 2007 and started at $27K annually and I thought I was doing fantastic. Granted I was only 21, no kids, single, and lived with my boyfriend. I could never ever go back to that type of pay but I used it as a stepping stone. I went back to school and got my RN and now I'm enrolled for my BSN. You can find LPNs jobs and make more. For instance, I did contract nursing for the military and I ended up making $55K annually as an LPN. I went into nursing to help people and I absolutely love it but with that being said I have real bills now so I am not all money motivated by any means just a grown up with grown up bills. Honestly I loved being and LPN and probably would of stayed one if my husband wasn't in the military. We move every 2-3 years much easier to find an RN job than and LPN (well at least for me).
  12. VAPrincess1036

    Questions about Navy Nursing. HELP!

    Ok I'm a contract nurse for the military and I have worked for both the navy and air force. I worked at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in VA and now I work for the air force in Washington DC. If I were you I would do the AF over navy. The AF right now and has been for years giving an additional $20K/year for each year you agree to stay in on top of officer pay with the housing allowances, etc that's a lot of money. They have a lot more career opportunities and educational things in the air force from what I've seen. I would totally join but my husband is in the Coast Guard and they don't have active duty nurses. They have corpsman which is enlisted but I would want to use my degree if I were going to join the military. Us being in 2 different branches would cause a lot of headaches of being stationed together. It is already bad enough from what I've seen when a couple is in the same branch. There are deployments in either branch but if career opportunities, advancements, and bonuses are what you are looking for go Air Force just my 2 cents. As for your husband tagging along I've tagged along from San Diego, San Francisco, Charleston SC, Chesapeake VA, Kodiak Alaska, Yorktown VA and now to Washington DC. My hubby has only been in for 11 years BTW. I've loved every place we've been and I wouldn't trade this life for the world. If he doesn't have a job that travels well like nursing maybe he could join too. Dual active duty paychecks and retirement sound pretty good to me. You can further your education with tuition assistance (military pays for the whole thing) and you can save the post 9/11 GI bill for your children. Plus who doesn't want to travel on someone else's dime.
  13. Sunrays, I'm in the in Washington DC area so not far from you and this area is tough. It's saturated with nurses from what I've been told by my nurse friends I've made in the area. I recommend going to job fairs as I have seen several in the MD area when looking through jobs on Indeed.com. Also I've seen some new grad residency programs in MD as well and I don't remember reading anything about 6 months post graduation in the job description so you should be ok. I am currently looking for a new job in the area and I'm having a hard time as well. Being a military wife doesn't help because one look at my resume and you know I am leaving in 2-3 years. I've been here since Oct and haven't found anything yet but don't give up! We will find something :-)
  14. VAPrincess1036

    NCLEX - SATA Questions

    The SATA on the NCLEX are no where near as hard as Kaplan's SATA in my opinion. I did the HURST review on my own, did Kaplan in school and also I used Exam Cram questions. I say make it a goal to do at least 100 questions daily. But try not to stress the SATA honestly there were no where near as bad as the ones in nursing school. Good luck and happy studying!