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  1. MickeyI

    Distance learning RN degree

    I started out the traditional way, going to regular classes, but I already had the prereg's due to nursing being a second career choice. It worked well for me, as I could not afford not to work and it was difficult to have a job and plan classes, fi...
  2. MickeyI

    External degree

    I have an ADN from Regents College, now known as Excelsior College. I had a BS in Biology already and had returned to college to pursue a nursing degree, but moved several times with my husband and had to start over and be on waiting lists to enter ...
  3. MickeyI

    Nursing Assistant

    It is great that you already have some experience as a unit coordinator and cna. This really helps both to help you get to know how things are done and also so that once you are a nurse you know what is involved in other jobs on the unit. You mi...
  4. MickeyI

    How do I choose a stethoscope? Please help!

    Unless you plan to go into a specialty like NICU or some cardiac specialty your present $68 will probably be more than adequate if you are using it without any problems so far.
  5. MickeyI

    New nurses in ICU

    I agree with the previous, it takes alot of work and courage to work Med-Surg. Dont think this is the minor leages by any stretch of the imagination!!! Just know that once you master this area, that ICU and ER will seem a whole lot easier-- just e...
  6. MickeyI

    How do I choose a stethoscope? Please help!

    I prefer the Littmann brand also. They have many styles and price ranges, but I have found that a single diaphram is easier to use at first than a double bell. The earpieces fit almost anyone comfortably and they are light. I like the longer lengt...
  7. MickeyI

    New nurses in ICU

    I have been both in ER and ICU and have precepted several new nurses in both areas. Some did well, and some were very discouraged and wondered why they ever wanted to be a nurse. For the most part I think it better to get a little experience ...