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  1. FarmerFNP

    UTHSC Houston FNP Fall 2014

    Yes there were several classmates with young children, some of them with infants. Two of my good friends in the program had toddlers and had no trouble with it at all.
  2. FarmerFNP

    UTHSC Houston FNP Fall 2014

    Yes, anything below an 80 is failing. It seemed scary to me at first too but it's really not that bad.
  3. FarmerFNP

    UTHSC Houston FNP Fall 2014

    They do kinda cram everything in the first fall so that you're ready to start clinical in the spring. My main tip is to stay focused, don't get behind, and try not to feel overwhelmed! It is a lot but completely doable. If you're planning on working, I strongly suggest going PRN. I know some people who stayed on full time throughout the program but I have no clue how they did it! Also, don't feel bad if you're not too confident in your skills or knowledge through the first semester, you really do learn most of it through practice in clinical. One more big tip: nail down your clinical sites early! That was my biggest hindrance for sure.
  4. FarmerFNP

    UTHSC Houston FNP Fall 2014

    It's a pretty good program over all. I graduated in December and am now working in Women's Health - loving it! It's a hybrid program, so there's some in-class components and some online. I did full time with a fall start so mine is a little different than a summer start. The first semester for me had the most in-class time, mainly because of labs for the physical exam class. They may have changed the program some though because the program director we had left right after we graduated.
  5. FarmerFNP

    Healthcare-related "what the heck?!?!" dreams

    In nursing and grad school I had recurrent dreams that I forgot about a class until the end of the semester and went to class for the first time for the final to see if I could make up my grade. The professor always laughed at me and then I'd wake up all anxious. As a nurse, this dream continued but became the kind where I forgot about one of my patients until the end of the shift and freaked out trying to get stuff done and the patient was always really mad at me. I'm gonna need someone to interpret this stuff Freudian style for me! I must have control issues or something
  6. FarmerFNP

    FNP wanting to specialize

    I'm a newly licensed FNP and got a job no problem in women's health. It was my number one pick for a specialty after loving my women's health rotation. I was worried going into job searching that the fact that I had no background in OB/GYN as an RN would be a problem, but in my area it didn't bother them at all. I had a killer reference from my women's health preceptor and talked up my love of women's health and it worked! For reference, I graduated December 18th and had the job offer February 5th. It was the only application I had put in [emoji4] I may later on go on for a post masters in women's health, or even CNM depending on how my practice evolves. But the door is open for everything with an FNP, so my advice is to start there. Good luck with everything!
  7. I just finished up my program a couple months ago in Texas, where NPs, despite their best effort, are continually shut down on their attempts for autonomous practice. However, I don't think that affected my education at all. I do plan on working eventually somewhere where I'll be an independent provider as well, and being trained in Texas shouldn't affect that at all. So don't worry about finding a school in one of those states, just find a good program that suits you.
  8. FarmerFNP

    Question for Houstonians

    I hate to break it to you, but difficulty getting a new grad RN job in Houston extends to those with BSNs as well. It took me 9 months after graduating with my BSN to get my foot in at a small regional hospital in the area. Sure, there are new grads that get their dream jobs here right out of school, but they are few and far between. My advice is to seek work as an ADN first. Apply to the big TMC hospitals if that's what you want, but don't forget the smaller hospitals in the greater Houston area - there are a lot of them! The hospital I started at had more ADNs than BSNs and offered tuition reimbursement for continuing your education.
  9. FarmerFNP

    UTHSC Houston FNP Fall 2014

    Hello! My undergrad GPA was a 3.4, GRE scores were 155 verbal, 150 quantitative, and 3.5 writing. I had recommendation letters from my director, manager, and assistant nurse manager (that's what my facility called their charge nurses - I used the title to my advantage). Houston did away with their interview process in favor of more generalized information sessions. I don't know how many applied but I believe there are about 80 or so in my cohort. Good luck!
  10. FarmerFNP

    UTHSC Houston FNP Fall 2014

    I'll be going PRN for sure.
  11. FarmerFNP

    UTHSC Houston FNP Fall 2014

    I'm not sure. I wanna say 9 is full time for grad school, but don't take my word for it!
  12. FarmerFNP

    UTHSC Houston FNP Fall 2014

    Congratulations to both of you! I'll be full time. Can't wait to get started!
  13. FarmerFNP

    No More ED Report?

    So a couple of days ago out ER director told the directors on the floor that the ED nurses will no longer be giving report when they send us patients. True to their word, I received two admission from the ED with no report. They now send us an ED flow sheet which basically just has the patient's name, visit reason, and most recent vitals, as well as nurses notes if they have been entered (mostly the notes are "Reported off to so-and-so, RN). We are all pretty upset about this. I work on a busy med tele floor and half the time we don't even know we're getting a new patient until were receiving report, at which point we can get ready to get the new patient. Now we really don't know anything until after we have received the patient. I understand the reason for it as it helps move patients from the ED faster, but it's causing a lot of concern for the floor nursing staff. So basically, I just wanted to get other nurses' thoughts on this. Any input is appreciated!
  14. FarmerFNP

    UTHSC Houston FNP Fall 2014

    Hey everyone! I got my acceptance to UT Health Science Center at Houston's FNP program earlier this week. I'm still shocked! I was wondering if anyone had any information about the classes? I know they're in-person, I'm just trying to figure out if they're during the day or evening and if they're most days of the week or just a couple. I'm going to an info session on June 20th, but I'm wanting to know sooner for work reasons.
  15. FarmerFNP

    things said wrong that drive you crazy

    The other day I had a patient saying latex instead of Lasix. That was a new one. And for whatever reason my patients can never figure out dilaudid. I'm always hearing "dilaudy," no matter how many times I say it correctly to them. Drives me crazy!
  16. FarmerFNP

    first semester clinical

    You sound just like me when I first started. I would stand outside the patient's room for a while trying to sum up the courage to just go in and say hi. I hated clinicals at first for that reason. But honestly, the only way I got any better was through practice? It wasn't easy and there was a lot of anxiety, but I finally got comfortable taking to patients by the end of the program. Now I've been out of school for a year and a half, and working for a year and nobody would ever know I was such a shy student!