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  1. Do you deal with IVs on your unit?

    Yes! It's not common though
  2. If you want to work in psych you must be crazy yourself...

    I heard similar things. Statements like that are more of an indicator of their own mental health issues. These days I don't really ever see medical nurses but when I was around them I noticed they exhibit horizontal violence on each other more than o...
  3. Why are we against suicide?

    SwampCat if you believe suicide is anything other than pathology and think it's acceptable behaviour you may be lacking in insight and or are depressed. I write that not with condemnation but with love. I to have recently been through a separation of...
  4. Why are we against suicide?

    Why can't people with bipolar just be the way they are? Why can't people with schizophrenia just be the way they are? Why can't they kill themselves if they want? ..because they are ill, they don't know how to stop the pain but with direction, a lit...
  5. Psychiatric patients and nurses have similar issues?

    Thanks for the replies, I've heard it said both ways, with light heartedness and with horizontal violence. Insults reveal more than anything the insulter's own lack of self worth.
  6. Have you heard similar remarks from medical nurses? Are they just insults or is there any truth to these beliefs?
  7. Facial Hair

    I'd like to resurrect this thread, I'm almost 30 and I look young for my age, I could pass for 23, I think middle age men get treated with more respect than "kids" so I think I gona keep a beard, any ideas/opinions on which type of beard looks respec...