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  1. I am going to start nursing school in about 1 1/2 weeks. I am beginning to think twice about this career! I am reading all these artiles about salary and working conditions. I got into nursing because i wanted to help the ill, now if it's going to take me away from my family and the working condition are that awful, then I think I sould just go into the law field. from what i read I think the law field pays a whole lot more with little stress and 9-5 and weekend and holiday off. "no wonder there is such a shortage" I was really excited about entering the nursing program, but now i am asking myself if I should really go through this. please tell me that this is just a nightmare and not real! i really think nurses should get paid more and have better working conditions, aren't nurses the ones who take care of a human life "isn't that worth something?" need a little help! any would be great!! all you nurses need respect and better things offered to you!!!!!!!
  2. purplevik

    **Chemistry and Microbiology**

    hey, I just finished with all my requirements and I am going to start the nursing program in 1 week. I think you should take micro and chemisty at different times. micro is hard and requires alot of study time. I did that and i did really good. remember the more you get out the way before nursing school is good, because then you focus more in the program. good luck to you!!!!
  3. purplevik

    starting nursing school in 2 weeks!

    can anyone give me any advise about nursing school, "what to look out for and what to except" any advise would be great!!!!!!
  4. purplevik

    How much do you make?

    I am going to start the nursing program in 2 weeks on scholarship. It requires that I work for the hospital for 1 year after my graduation. Now the salary will be around $17.50 plus benefits. what do you guys think about that? " I'm new to all this wages stuff." I live in Miami, Fl. After the one year I can stay with them and the salary will go up. Please let me know what you guys think?
  5. purplevik

    nursing Journal for L& D

    hello out there! Just wondering if any one know of any Nursing Journal for Labor & Delivery or just general for Nursing. If any one does, can you please give me the phone number or website, I need to order one for my research paper. Thanks
  6. purplevik


    I am writing a research paper on L&D nursing "which I want to do once I finish nursing school" I need to know what is the average pay rate for L&D nursing. I live in Miami, Fla and the pay is different from Orlando, Fl. What I really need is a country wide wage.
  7. purplevik

    Job Description for L&D nursing

    "LOL" Thanks for your reply. I am going to show this to my professor "I will e-mail you on her reply". I totally agree with you on the blood & slime part!!!!! you nurses have lots of guts, I just hope I can be the same way, and yes I still want to be an L&D nurse. I give birth and I was one of those ladies who cursed out the nurses, and yet I ask myself what I am getting myself into?! Thank you, by the way, you do sound kind of overworked!! "LOL"
  8. purplevik

    Job Description for L&D nursing

    can someone give me the correct job description for L&D nursing, It's for my research paper, a response is greatly appreciated.
  9. purplevik

    information on L&D Nursing!

    thank you so much for your reply, it really help me out alot. I just called a hospital in my area, and i made an appt to speak to the head nurse of the L&D department. By any chance do you know of any associations that can give me more information about L&D nursing, are you in any nursing associates? I know i am asking a lot of questions, but it is part of my paper. thank you once again for your reply!
  10. purplevik

    information on L&D Nursing!

  11. purplevik

    information on L&D Nursing!

    I am currently a student at a college in Miami, Fl. I am writing a research paper about L&D nursing "which I want to do when I graudate from college" Can anyone tell me the education level and training in order to specialize in that department. Right now I am in the AS nursing program. It will be greatly appreciated.