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  1. Picmonic

    Has anyone used picmonic for study material for NCLEX pn and was it useful
  2. Best study material. NCLEX pn

    Any recommendations for best study for nclex pin been out of nursing school for a good while. Will b third time. Testing. Has anyone heard of nclex tutor services. They are very pricey.
  3. Failed I need a good Content source

    Can u send me links to videos thanx
  4. need to know the best study material for nclex pn

    I used kaplan qbank the first time. Didn't work for me
  5. need to know the best study material for nclex pn

    Yes I was thinking ncsbn for nclex style quetions but doesn't hurst have them also
  6. best study material

    Just got my att to retest for third time. I'm really seeking help to decide which study material to purchase. Ncsbn, hurst, or ready to pass. I have to pass this exam this time. I've been out of school for about 2 1/2 yrs plss.any input will be of ...
  7. need to know the best study material for nclex pn

    Just received att to retest for third time. I want to know which study material would be best. Ncsbn. Ready to pass. Or hurst. So undecided. Been out of school for 2 1/2 yrs please help
  8. My study plan Nclex pn

    hi this was very inspirational .i took nclex today and failed i brought the kaplan q bank and did over 500 questions which i didnt c anything on the nclex from kaplan ...i dont kno wht else to study