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  1. scorpiogir1

    Finally got my head on straight!

    Me too! I graduated high school in 2007 and did not take my first year of college seriously at all. Really wish I had now, but I am doing the best I can. My goal is to be an RN by the time I'm 27 as well. We got this :)
  2. scorpiogir1

    Fall 2012 A&P2 students where are you??!!

    I'm taking A&P 2 this semester too.. as well as Nutrition, English Literature, and Developmental Math.. Not too happy about the math but hey what can you do. All I have left is (as far as pre-reqs) is College Algebra to be able to apply for the ADN program at my school so this developmental math stuff is kind of slowing me down. I was one point away on the accuplacer exam from being able to take college algebra! Oh well, I probably need to refresh my memory on most of it anyway, and now I don't have to rush this semester trying to get my application and vaccines done.
  3. scorpiogir1

    When Do You Start Fall Semester?

    Mine starts August 27, in Texas. I'm anxious as well, but am definitely going to take advantage of the next week and half of relaxation. This year has flown by. I know this next semester will, too.