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Hospice is my passion. I love being an NP! I support diversity in the workplace and fostering professional growth among my peers.


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  1. Pallspice_NP

    What is the best way to look for jobs?

    I love, love, love LinkedIn! You can connect directly with recruiters, HR, hiring managers, etc...and message them regarding current and future openings! I landed one of my jobs that way Ziprecruiter and Indeed are useful, but you have to watch out, because it takes a while for old job postings to be removed.
  2. Pallspice_NP

    The Healthcare Hierarchy

    @"nursy" For some reason, I'm not able to quote your post. You could not be more correct about the work culture. The physicians, by far, are excluded from disciplinary action. I have experienced that time and time again with different employers I have seen it "nipped in the bud" on a very rare occasion when several employees voiced how negatively patient care was affected. So sad. I'm glad to hear that administration took a stand and listened to the employees in the ICU. That speaks volumes to employees! And, they are able to perform their role soooo much better.
  3. Pallspice_NP

    The Healthcare Hierarchy

    You're absolutely right and I love your thought process. It's just horrible how some people always feel the need to compete. With that, we lose sight of who we are supposed to be serving in the first place...the patient. And, their care becomes compromised when we are no longer working as a team. I'm so glad to hear of your wonderful experiences. There are definitely some good ones out there I appreciate your input. I will change the group name and allow all members of the healthcare team to join. You're right, the harsh treatment is definitely not specific to just one group.
  4. Pallspice_NP

    Aspiring Christian & Nursing student

    I do believe that God works in mysterious ways! Certain nursing fields and experiences may increase your exposure to the inner workings of God, test your faith, and allow you to reflect upon your relationship with God. I have worked in hospice and palliative care for 6 years now. Seeing people at the very end, who may have had a relationship with God or may have not, experience extraordinary changes and a new found love for God that they never imagined. They may pray for you/with you, and speak of the many times and ways God has carried them. I have thought many times, "this can ONLY be God." You see and hear so much, that there is absolutely no other way! They smile and are at peace. They do not fear death, because they KNOW this is not the end. When you are around nothing but God, you can't help but to know him. I'm not saying this is the answer...you have to listen to His voice to find out where your purpose lies. For me, this was the answer
  5. Pallspice_NP

    The Healthcare Hierarchy

    Hey guys! I am a NP in the Dallas area with about 3 years of experience. I absolutely love the field of hospice and palliative care, and including my RN experience, have been happily employed in the field for about 6 years. Throughout my work, I have experienced what many of you may have, the not so good effects of the "healthcare hierarchy." You know, where physicians believe they are superior to other members of the healthcare team...RNs superior to LVNs....NPs superior to RNs...the whole nonsense. I have been portrayed as incompetent or a "MD wannabee" by physicians, but also as "stuck up" by other nurses. I am an African-American female, and sadly, most of the judgement and harsh treatment stemmed from other African-American individuals. I am a HUGE advocate of each member of the healthcare team being supportive of one another, being leaders, fostering growth, and just rooting for everyone to reach their highest potential. As a result, I have created a Facebook group where healthcare professionals, regardless of their role, can collaborate, network, chit chat, and be supportive of one another. If it is of interest, the group is called Minority Healthcare Professionals. The original intent was to bridge together the minority community, where I and many other colleagues, have experienced the most lack of professional support. But, I'm thinking about making it accessible to all healthcare providers in general, as I believe it would allow many more people to benefit. What are you all's thoughts? I hope I am not being offensive, or making generalizations. This has just been my personal experience for several years now, and I'd really like to impact the minority community in a positive light. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Pallspice_NP

    Hospice F2F recert visits

    I'm in Texas and the rates I have seen range from $85-$150 per visit plus mileage. The smaller hospices seem to pay the most.