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jtgaddi has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Hello everyone! I am writing because I'm looking for more info on the online FNP program at the University of Phoenix. Are there any current or past students that have done this program? Did you like it? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
  2. jtgaddi

    Moving to Hawaii - new grad

    hi jh808, I actually worked at the sister unit of the hospital. before the interview process there is a two week shadow period, but that portion is hands-off and not mandatory. I didn't do the volunteer portion.
  3. jtgaddi

    Moving to Hawaii - new grad

    hi jhi808 you need to look on the Hilo medical website sometime in oct. it'll be posted under "report to admin RPN II" it'll be in the employment section. fill the app out and turn it in. there's two interviews once they start the interviewing process. good luck
  4. jtgaddi

    Moving to Hawaii - new grad

    hi. I'm a new grad and recently got hired at Hilo medical center on the big island as part of their new grad program. if you're a new grad you'll have to work as an aid first. I hear at queens the wait is a while. your best bet is Long term care. it's very difficult in hawaii to find an acute care position as a new grad. I had two years LPN experience and I still was not qualified enough. I'm lucky I got into one at Hilo medical center. if you want to move to the big island they will have another new grad program starting in oct. if you can wait. good luck!
  5. jtgaddi

    What is the best review center here in hawaii?

  6. jtgaddi

    Hawaii Pacific Health

    I've had the same thing but for an RN position and it's a medication calculations test. hope this helps.
  7. hi. I'm from the big island and I'm in the same boat, however I just applied to a new grad program. what part of the island are you from?