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  1. two more math questions

    If the second question does not state something other than what's 5ml in grams than there is info missing. Not all meds have the same ml per g dose. That's why I uses the info from the 1st question I assumes it was a two part question using the same ...
  2. two more math questions

    For the second question if it's using the info from the first then: 250mg / (1g/1000mg) = 0.25g So 5ml=250mg=0.25g Cris_tal1303
  3. Studying for SCRN exam

    Bump Cris_tal1303
  4. Studying for SCRN exam

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to how to study for the SCRN exam. I work in the Neuro ICU and want to attain this certification. The handbook says that it's best if I have 1-2 yrs experience but it isn't required. I was ...
  5. I am about to graduate and I feel like I know nothing!

    I think it's very normal. I felt this way when I graduated in 2012. I mean if you think about it. You learn a ton of information in 2-4 yrs depending on your program and you then have to prove your knowledge by taking the NCLEX. I always felt that I ...
  6. Experience with NJ hospitals???

    Hello everyone, I recently graduated from a PA nursing school, but since I live in NJ I decided to apply for a license in NJ. I have looked into jobs in Philadelphia but all the ones that I am interested in want experience. : ( So now I am searching ...