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  1. Hospice agency shutting down - help!

    Our town is landlocked and you can only enter by boat or plane (Juneau, AK). So there are no surrounding counties that could formally pick them up on their service. Our team has pondered seeing if other hospices in our state could be a remote resou...
  2. Hospice agency shutting down - help!

    The hospice agency in my small remote town is shutting down next month. They stopped taking new admissions a month ago. I am a nurse case manager at our hospital, and we are trying to come up with a short-term solution for our end-of-life patients ...
  3. Colon cancer and diarrhea

    I admitted a new hospice patient about a month ago with metastatic colon cancer. She had just had surgery for colon cancer, and now has only 8 feet of bowel left. She has elected to not have further diagnostic studies or treatment. She's doing wel...