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Straight No Chaser has 6 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Sub-Acute.

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  1. Straight No Chaser

    Nurses Deleting Orders to Reduce Charting

    Actually, its done because (usually) there is a history of non compliance and management needs to hold someone accountable. If its checked off as done, and isn't done the nurse cant say she didn't know, etc. Its also done to trigger staff to p...
  2. Straight No Chaser

    RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    hopefully you find something that lets you work from home with zero exposure to patients.
  3. Straight No Chaser

    Online/Hybrid options

    I used to be pretty up to speed on this prospect, and for my state (MA) my options were Excelsior or nothing. Does anyone have any idea if new options are being created with the shortage? I want my RN desperately but I really want the opt...
  4. Straight No Chaser


    Is excelsior going to local (in person) clinicals instead of CPNE? I cant' seem to find much info about this online.
  5. Straight No Chaser

    New DON

    The problem is the CNA to patient ratio. If they have a lot of total care patients they aren't going to do oral care on everyone. They'll probably only do it on those who request it - its awful. I try to explain why its so important so they a...
  6. Straight No Chaser

    Massachusetts salary ADON

    I'm 99% sure ADONs have to be RNs. Its in the ballpark of 80-90k/year up to 120k depending on area and experience from what I've researched.
  7. Straight No Chaser


    I looked it up but I'm still confused as to what it means. From what I can gather I can still sit for the NCLEX in MA, which is all I really care about. I just don't want to pay the tuition and end up not being able to finally get my RN.
  8. Straight No Chaser

    New Unit Manager - short term

    I've recently accepted a position as Unit Manager for a 38 bed sub-acute unit. I don't have management experience in nursing, and honestly - I have no idea what I'm doing, but they know that. Looking for advice in how to transition from my c...
  9. Straight No Chaser

    I'm gonna puke

    Thank you. The two before me both were offered more money to stay with their current employer, they didn't actually start - so hopefully I'm not missing anything. The reason I applied and accepted is because my buildings administration is amaz...
  10. Straight No Chaser

    I'm gonna puke

    Well, after two different people (with experience) didn’t work out - I’ve now been offered the job. I need guidance from those who have done this. One of my barriers is that I am going from coworker to manager - not sure how that...
  11. Straight No Chaser

    Contested a Doctor's Order Psych 😬

    An intervention was required here, whatever it may have been. If the psych. MD proposed to do nothing at all I'd have gone to another doc. given whatever was ordered and be done with it. I also wouldn't go out of my way to inform the psych. MD unle...
  12. Straight No Chaser

    5 Secrets to Building Nursing Resilience 

    I SO needed this. Thank you.
  13. Straight No Chaser

    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    I was surprised to see that folks were looking to use the N95 masks, to be honest. This isn't an airborne virus, so unless you're working in an area which has equipment, etc. that could cause it to become airborne I don't see the issue, but it seems...
  14. Straight No Chaser

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    I've never expected it. I knew what I was getting into when I chose to become a Nurse. I do think folks who are in support services like grocery stores, etc. should receive hazard pay, though.
  15. Straight No Chaser

    Nurse asks, 'Did you know I was there?' in touching viral post

    I feel like this could have been written by a CNA just as easily as a Nurse. They often don't get the credit they deserve and this is a huge part of their job as well.