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  1. Glycerine82

    Scope of Practice & Delegation

    Right away, I see a red flag. You don't give meds you didn't directly pull yourself.
  2. Glycerine82

    Are We Too PC?

    There is nothing wrong with this song. The woman is all in, shes just trying to make it look innocent. Good grief, people will never stop amazing me.
  3. Glycerine82

    It Never Occurred To Me.

    Awwwww I want to hug this guy. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Glycerine82

    LTC Charting: A Beginner's Guide

    This is what I'm having trouble wrapping my head around. We're told to call the family as well (I work short term post acute rehab) and for one, many of my patients are a&o x 3, and it's literally impossible to keep up with telling the family about new orders when many of them are initiated by the doctor via our electronic records and/or are silly, like Tylenol or zofran. Yet, I have to make the call, because I have to chart that I've notified family, even though It would be simpler to let them know when they come visit, etc. Whats the deal with this? especially with my self responsible patients, I just don't get it.
  5. Glycerine82

    LTC Charting: A Beginner's Guide

    Ty for this!! Started my first nursing job at a LTC facility and This clears a lot of stuff up for me. You rock!
  6. I've four weeks until I graduate from my LPN program. Doesn't sound or seem possible, but there it is. Thank you for this. I forget how far I've come sometimes, It seems like if one isn't an RN they're not taken seriously. I'm still in awe of just how much I've learned over these past 12 months!
  7. Glycerine82

    To Colonoscopy or Not to Colonoscopy

    Hubs did the gatorade/miralax following 2 ducolax and it went by pretty smoothly. He said his UC is far worse than the prep was.
  8. Glycerine82

    The Slow Code: Justified?

    92 y/o woman with a prior CVA. R sided hemi, alert and yelling at me to find her blow-dryer. (her hair was wet- I had just showered her). I put her to bed, and while getting her settled, she had a massive stroke and died. I called the nurses, thinking they would call the MD and then the coroner, as was the usual procedure when we lost someone. Then they yell "FULL CODE", and call 911. They started their "slow code", (pt was gone, bowels voided, no pulse, no respiration's etc.) When I saw the medics get there and start CPR on her all I could think was "Dear God, she is going to be so mad if they bring her back". She was pronounced at the hospital, thank God. I can't imagine how awful It would have been for her if she was brought back, and I can't even begin to understand why she was a full code to begin with. I am certain it wasn't her choice, though. I am also really glad I was able to find her hair-dryer and dry her hair!
  9. Glycerine82

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

    I'm in SC and It makes no difference. The pay cut doesn't hurt because rent is so much cheaper. If I go to MA i will make 6 more an hour but I will also pay 900 more a month in rent.
  10. Glycerine82

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

    Yes, the cost of living makes all the difference. 20/hr wouldn't really be all that much where I came from in MA. I pay 2x less rent than I did when I lived there. You can do all the research you want and move anywhere you want but the simple truth is that nursing assistants get paid a lousy wage. If you want to make money doing this kind of work you have to stick with it for many, many years or go to school to become a Nurse.
  11. What is your job title CNA Where are you located? SC What is your hourly wage? 11.13 Are you paid shift differentials? Yes. .50 for second shift, 1.00 for nights and 1.00 for weekends. What shift(s) do you usually work? 645a-715p What is your current specialty Rehab How many years of experience do you have? 5 What is your status Full Time Are you a pursuing a career as a nurse Sure am!
  12. Glycerine82

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

    CNA's are one of the top ten most underpaid professions in the country. No, we don't go to school for very long, but we ARE required to take a few classes and pass an exam. I'll never understand why they pay has to be the same as someone working in fast food. (Sometimes, worse!) I feel like the mentality is that CNA's aren't as educated as nurses so they don't work as hard. That is just simply not true! Argh! Makes me insane! For the amount of work involved and the stress It puts on our bodies and minds, one would think we'd get paid MORE for all of that, not less. Makes me sad.
  13. Glycerine82

    Hospital Unit Secretaries

    I do both but never at the same time. I would either be scheduled to work secretary or to work Aide. This way they could pull me for either position in the event of a call out. I know both jobs inside and out and often had whoever is working secretary call me to ask questions. I love it too. It can be really under appreciated, in my opinion but I think the nurses on this forum are talking about the secretarys who sit at the computer printing coupons all night or are on facebook. Some of us do our jobs, but at least where I work there were a few who didn't.
  14. Glycerine82

    Hospital Unit Secretaries

    Yeah, thats insane! I'm cross-trained to work both and got 1.00 more because of it. The nurses used to love it when I would work because I could jump up and help or sit down and put orders in. They eventually made it so that all CNAs had to learn to do the job, although many did everything they could to get out of it. I found it really stressful, and the attitude I would get when I would call someone to tell them about something a pt. needed was just awful! I think a lot of the time the person on the other end would forget that I work the floor too, so I knew what was a reasonable reason for saying "can't do it, call the nurse" and what wasn't!
  15. Glycerine82

    Suicide Is Not Your Answer

    As someone who has been personally affected by suicide, this all really strikes home with me. The long term affects suicide has on the people left behind can be devastating. It is so, so sad that we don't address mental health in this country. So many people end thier lives needlessly because they truly don't see another way out. We have the means to offer them another way out but its so hard and sometimes impossible to do it. I have a good friend who needs to see a therapist, and without insurance its over 200 dollars a session!?!? I don't understand that and I think its absolutely disgusting to charge that kind of money to people who NEED the services provided to CONTINUE LIVING. It sickens me. I really want to try to get involved in this cause somehow some way.