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Glycerine82 has 4 years experience as a ASN, LPN and specializes in SNF/Rehab/Geri.

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  1. Glycerine82

    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    My coworkers and I have worked harder and under more stress than every before keeping this *** away from our little old people. Between them not being allowed to see their families and now not even leaving their rooms, the issues we are facing are compounded with the result of so much isolation and deprivation from human contact. Most of my patients aren't confused, although some are - and even the oriented ones are struggling with the loneliness and fear. On top of that the ones who are confused see us in masks and gowns and the fear only gets worse. We don't get to choose to stay out sick because we're worried or our jobs aren't doing enough to protect us (most aren't) - if we do that, these people suffer for it and that's not right in any scenario. To add fuel to the fire anyone we do have to send out comes back worse than when they left us because of how overwhelmed the hospital is right now. Then they have to go on a 14 day isolation period which is even more stringent than our new normal. Oh and because our census is lower than usual as we try to limit admissions to keep the virus out, our staff is getting cut. People who would normally eat in a dining room with supervision from one or two staff members are in their rooms, so meal time takes so much longer and there just isn't enough time in a day.
  2. Glycerine82

    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    I was surprised to see that folks were looking to use the N95 masks, to be honest. This isn't an airborne virus, so unless you're working in an area which has equipment, etc. that could cause it to become airborne I don't see the issue, but it seems I'm in the minority.
  3. Glycerine82

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    I've never expected it. I knew what I was getting into when I chose to become a Nurse. I do think folks who are in support services like grocery stores, etc. should receive hazard pay, though.
  4. Glycerine82

    Gloves at all times?

    Um, no. Not to mention you can't wear them in the halls. Why would you need to wear gloves when you aren't touching the meds? Shes probably a housekeeper. Not to knock housekeepers, because they are the beez knees, but thats my theory.
  5. nothing more humbling or rewarding than caring for someone at the end of their life.
  6. Surely as nurses most of us understand that vaccinations come with a normal immune response and that flu shots don't give us the flu, but that response. Even IF they aren't totally effective, I'd still rather take my chances of protecting folks and I think others should too. I don't really know why we even have to mandate, but obviously enough people were opting out that we do.
  7. Glycerine82


    This happened to me over thanksgiving. Its usually the shift before and after your scheduled holiday. So, if christmas eve was your scheduled holiday, you wouldn't get holiday pay for that shift. If Christmas was your holiday and you worked christmas eve as well as the next scheduled shift following christmas you would. Its a bogus policy and I had no idea it was so common.
  8. Glycerine82

    Patient Threatens to go to Manager...

    Yep you need to record his behavior. Not in the medical record (although you could write a very objective note, its usually hard to do without seeming subjective) This guy needs to be educated by social services and shouldn't be getting involved in another patients care. Your manager should know right away that his complaints are unfounded simply by their nature, but let her know anyway by telling her ahead of time.
  9. Glycerine82

    small facilities, tell me about your EMR system

    Matrix Care. It could be awesome if it were utilized appropriately.
  10. Glycerine82

    I put my foot in my mouth.

    This isn't a habit for me, it's just how I communicate. Its how I process and although I've had people tell me to talk less, usually the people I am talking to find me endearing and genuine. You are who you are, just go with it. If you can't be true to your personality and method of communication you're the wrong fit.
  11. Glycerine82

    Genital exams at school physicals and well-child check-ups?

    Can't answer the question because I'm not a provider but I think you are being exactly thorough enough. Not only that but I think it emphasizes the importance of "checking things out" down there at an early age. I wasn't comfortable doing so until much later in life and I would imagine many are the same.
  12. Glycerine82

    Just Say “NO” to Nurse Staffing Laws

    The problem is that facilities aren't going to reach into their pockets and provide better staffing if they aren't incentivised to do so. Nursing should be billed separately, but it's not. The fines proposed would indeed be pretty steep, but there wouldn't be longer wait times because nurses would go on and take more patients (like we do now) thus, triggering the fine. ( which honestly I don't really have an opinion about) If nurses had fewer patients we could actually do the things we were taught to do. Hospital acquired infections would go down because we'd be able to catch things before they become problems, take all the time required to maintain asepsis, etc. Patients would have better outcomes. We could educate until they understand. We could identify barriers they are likely to encounter at home and limit the re-admission risk. So many of the above would result in fewer penalties for the hospitals, but even just explaining it the way I'm trying to has never so much as raised an eyebrow. I don't see how to improve staffing without a law stating they have to do it.
  13. Glycerine82

    Resources for patients

    I work day shift in a SNF with about 75% of my patients being short term. I've come across many situations where the patients know next to nothing about their already diagnosed medical conditions. Is there a database or something of that nature I could access to print easy to understand information? (I'd have to get my facilities permission first, but they'll be on board if it's legit) What do others do? The system is so broken. I'm new to day shift and I'm still learning what my role truly is, aside from routine med passes and treatments. I don't want to over-step but its really bothering me that so many people know little to nothing about what is going on with them.
  14. Glycerine82

    MD signature on verbal orders????

    IF they sign a verbal it becomes a written I would think.
  15. Glycerine82

    Ethics question

    I mean, when a patient of mine falls I generally assess their ROM unless there is an obvious injury.
  16. Glycerine82

    Nursing Professional Standards Board review

    how did this even get reported? Who would take the time to trace it all the way back to you?

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