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  1. ComeTogether

    I'm gonna puke

    Well, I am still standing and I've actually grown quite a bit. Can't say I'd have said yes going in if I knew then what I know now, but I also love what I do. Usually.
  2. ComeTogether

    Massachusetts salary ADON

    Well I would certainly hope so
  4. ComeTogether

    Double Briefing

    Right. Im talking about the peeps on 80mg of Lasix who still get changed q2 or more but will literally float away if they don't have something to absorb when the floodgates open. Side by side, not one on top of the other. To be fair, it's pr...
  5. ComeTogether

    Need guidance from seasoned leaders

    You're missing the point. It's just one job. You just get an assistant to help you do the aspects of it that don't require a license. If there are enough CNAs, by all means - you do you. If you feel you should be better compensated for the work t...
  6. ComeTogether

    Need guidance from seasoned leaders

    THIS. It is the NURSE's job. ALL OF IT. The CNAs help with nursing tasks that don't require a license. Hence why nurses delegate and prioritize based on the needs of the unit at the time. I loathe the phrase "CNA work". Its ALL nursi...
  7. ComeTogether

    Need guidance from seasoned leaders

    She actually WAS fired about a year ago, then got a lawyer - corporate made us take her back because our attny said she'd win if she sued. Not enough of a paper trail (most of it happened prior to my role change) About a week after I wrote thi...
  8. ComeTogether

    Need guidance from seasoned leaders

    Last time I checked patient care was in the job description of a nurse. I'd never expect my nurses to forgo their primary responsibilities but I absolutely expect them to help when they have time, especially when it directly affects the outcome...
  9. ComeTogether

    Anyone encountered this before?

    Right, but clarification order notes are cut and dry. Order clarification: melatonin 3mg P.O. at HS PRN etc. No need to elaborate or use the word error or anything else. Sure; you can - but in my experience it’s a bad idea.
  10. ComeTogether

    Need guidance from seasoned leaders

    I manage a short term/mixed unit with an amazing team for the most part I have one problem nurse who just isn’t meant for this population. I can’t even get into how wrong this nurse is without getting red in the face my pri...
  11. ComeTogether

    Anyone encountered this before?

    I think that you may be over documenting. You have to be really careful what you’re saying in a note - often times you don’t really need to say anything, or you just need to keep it very, very simple.
  12. ComeTogether

    The Staff RN’s Role in Nursing Homes

    The gods honest truth is absolutely nothing different is expected; all staff nurses at my workplace have the same job description as do the charge nurses. It isn’t until you get to the level of ADON/DON that there’s a difference in scope.
  13. ComeTogether

    Floor Staff Pre Pulling Medications

    Cold day in hell before I administer anything I didn’t prepare or see prepared.
  14. ComeTogether

    Nurses notes on lab results ?

    Less is more, for sure. The exception would be grossly abnormal results or other reasosn which are obvious to the reader “Critical hemoglobin of 5.3; NP notified - NNO” essentially means “when this patient goes out later via 911 you can’t...
  15. ComeTogether

    Arranging med cart chronologically?

    I think a facility I did clinical at used this method. IDK; I guess it depends on how many meds they have all together. If it’s 30+ then, yeah - but I can see this being problematic ish.