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  1. tpatton14

    Is the test timed?

    I will be taking the HESI to present to a couple of schools and wanted to see if it is a timed test. Thank You, Tish
  2. tpatton14

    LSU Hesi Exam - Locations and content

    Was the test timed?
  3. Jennie, Is the HESI test timed?
  4. I was trying to get into the RN program for the same reason, listening to others tell me to go for it and not LVN first. I then found out that if I go LVN and bridge to RN I would get so much more hands on experience to get a job and finish the RN while working. I was also told the RN is a lot of book work so the LVN would give me that hands on. I would hang in there and be patient. You will be happy you did and good luck.