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  1. So do pre-reqs at NSCC and then skip the associates to go straight into the salem state bachelors?
  2. dannyb358

    I need some help/advice on schools

    Thank you for the advice. I will look into North Shore this week as Salem State is the school they have affiliations with.
  3. I am a sophmore at a liberal arts college and will be withdrawing with 31 credits. I am looking to do Pre-reqs part-time at North Shore Community College and either get my associates in nursing there and then transfer to an RN-BSN program or just do my pre-reqs and then transfer. I am concerned with it getting harder to find nursing jobs in the Boston hospitals and know they are picky about where people seem to be getting their degrees from. Am I right? Do you think it would be better to get my associates at NSCC or just do pre-reqs and transfer? Are any of these schools' students sought after in the Boston hospitals? Northeastern University Salem State University Curry College I am so concerned about not picking the right school for me personally and one that would be positively looked at in the job field in Boston. I want to do labor and delivery or NICU, but of course that's the overall longterm goal. Thanks in advance! Danielle
  4. I am looking into nursing schools. I have 3 semesters under my belt at a liberal arts college and have a few pre-reqs for nursing done. I am wondering what the North Shore Community College RN-BSN at Salem State is like... I want to be able to get a job and for employers to not look me over and pass me by because of what college I went to instead of something like Northeastern or Curry. Has anyone been through those programs successfully and have done as well as maybe some of the higher rated schools or should I aim higher? I feel like I would do well in their program but I want to make sure that I would be making the right move. Thanks, Danielle
  5. dannyb358

    Got into top choice school

    Hey everyone! I got into Colby-Sawyer college, but I did not get straight into the nursing program. I was highly considered but since there were only 50 spots and 350 people highly considered well... didn't work out. Do you know how high the chance is that I could get internally admitted into the nursing program later on? Thanks Danielle
  6. dannyb358

    Fall Semester 2012 Let's Go!!!!

    thank you and AGREED! I just received a sample syllabus for one of my pre-reqs and i'm already trying to schedule in study time. Hope that other drug calculations pre-req isn't as bad as this english gig. I wouldn't be so worried if I didn't already have 5 classes in high school to worry about...... :icon_roll
  7. Hey everyone! I am going to be starting my senior year in high school in the fall with a full course load of anatomy and physiology, physics, pre-calc, and some others. At my local community college, bunker hill, I am going to be taking College Writing 1 and drug calculations. I am very nervous yet very excited to start. I don't exactly know what to expect from these two classes and I want to be able to get my foot in the door for their Associates in nursing program and then transfer later on for my bachelors and masters. I am trying to decide whether to buy new books or rent or buy used, I don't know how much homework to expect and I don't know how hard the material is, I also don't know what it is like to be in a lecture class. I would like to be able to move out after getting my RN and associates and work part time along with getting my bachelors. Any tips and experience? thank you! Danielle