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  1. Concordia's RN to BSN Minnesota

    Is anybody enrolled in Concordias RN to BSN? I would like to hear personal experiences with the program. I am currently in MANE at Metro State and it is overwhelming. This program seems more practical for people working full time. Thoughts?
  2. Concordia's RN to BSN Program

    Did you end up going to Concordia? I am contemplating doing the program it sounds good. Just wondering if someone can shed some light on the details of the program and how it is?
  3. MANE BSN program feeling duped

    This program is unreal. I feel completely cheated. They made it sound like it was a RN to Bsn completion program and the amount of clinical hours are unreasonable for a new grad learning a new job. It was advertised like it was an easy gateway but I ...
  4. Fall 2016 MANE Programs

    I will be declining Century and Metro! I am going to IHCC because its close to my house and I like the environment, and I'm familiar with the campus!
  5. Fall 2016 MANE Programs

    Me and my friend were accepted into IHCC letter dated March 7. My TEAS score was a 11.6! Good luck to you ladies! I also applied to Metro State and Century.
  6. Fall 2016 MANE Programs

    I applied to Inver Hills, Century College, and Metro State University! I heard the lowest combined score at Metro was a 10.8 last year. I kind of want to go to a Community college so I can start working with my two year degree and finish my bachelors...
  7. RN2BKS what class was that withdrawal from?? it says you can get up to two withdrawls of pre req classes and i had 2 and got denied. med term and psych but I took both classes over