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LTC, OB/GYN, Special needs
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wannabeRNbrandy has 2 years experience and specializes in LTC, OB/GYN, Special needs.

I have a wonderful husband and 2 small children (1 &4). I have my medical assisting degree but currently working as a claims adjuster due to better $$. I am in the process of going back to school to obtain my RN (God Willing!!)

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  1. wannabeRNbrandy

    How do you find balance?

    It's difficult. I currently work full time, AND part time, classes part time AND i have 2 small kids and a husband. You have to try to make time for all. My kids are 4 and 1- its hard on them both but my 4YO understands mommy has to go to school to get a better job so she can work less and make more ( which he understand will get him more time with mommy and more toys soon) My 1 YO obviously doesnt understand but i try to spend as much free time with them as possible. My husband who does also work understands that this is all for the family and that at SOME point i wont have to work as much and we will have time together.. its just the next few years are gonna suck but being a parent and being married is not always easy and we get that . Best of luck!
  2. wannabeRNbrandy

    Clinical Failure

    ^This- in every way
  3. wannabeRNbrandy

    Confused...RN or CMA

    I have my MA and I never made enough. I had to take a non-nursing job to pay the bills while trying to go back to nursning school. Best of luck!
  4. wannabeRNbrandy

    Advice on other RN specialties/careers due to health problems

    School nurse- Summers off too!
  5. wannabeRNbrandy

    Smoking and the Nursing Student

    You smell like it, you just dont know it. Take it from an EX smoker of YEARS. I can smell a cover-up attempt 20 feet away. And if you smoke in your car, your car HAS to smell also. I NEVER noticed it when I smoked but once i stopped i could smell my car and it was AWFUL! Plus anything that was in my car smelled too ( purse, backpack, clothes) Once you give it up you will see what I am talking about. Good luck to everyone trying to stop. It is NOT easy :)
  6. wannabeRNbrandy

    Career change...need input and opinions please!

    I'd do it. You said you are ready for a change so why not? Best of luck!
  7. wannabeRNbrandy

    Working full time and nursing school

    Thank you all for your input. I work for the state of Ohio so I am unable to move my hours from what they are. I could get another job, but the problem becomes I won't have enough money to pay my bills. I have 2 small children and a house/ car payment so an income loss is not possible so me. Also, every single nursing program around has Clinicals during the day so they make it impossible to do nights and weekends . I am jut so stuck and frustrated! :-(
  8. wannabeRNbrandy

    Working full time and nursing school

    Ok so I'm sure this has been posted but I could not locate it. I was curious if it's possible to work full time and do nursing school. I have a decent job working mon-fri 7:30am-4pm. I am unable to find anything that pays as well with any type of flexible hours... So my question is, how are you supporting yourself while in school? Any ideas are welcomed!
  9. wannabeRNbrandy

    Accreditation super important?

    I am in the same position. I too must work full time. I am going to a local community college that is nln accredited. I found several other school around that are just nursing however they are NOT accredited and they cost about 3x as much. From what I have read and hear from several nurse friends, the nurses that go to non accredited schools are not thought as highly of and are last to be looked at for jobs over an accredited school. I found for me the nln school in my area happens to offer night and weekend classes as well so it worked out best for me . I would say someone who passes the NCLEX-RN regardless of the school is qualified, but that's just me :-) Best of luck in which ever you choose!
  10. wannabeRNbrandy

    Where are all the MAs?

    I obtained my MA in 2007. I was able to find work but found it paid VERY little . I Have been in auto insurance since 2008 and decided it was time to get back into the game and go for nursing ( my DREAM). I start in Aug. Should be interesting since I have to maintain my full time job and have 2 small kids (4 and 1) I have to complete my prerequisites before I can even apply for the program. Since I am only able to attend school part time its going to take me all of 5 years before I finish. Depressing but totally worth it :)