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  1. Phantom143

    Nursing jobs

    Hello, been searching hospitals near quezon city but it seems tat every single day was not my day.. Hhahah.. Did u have any idea about hospitals ( near/within makati or QC)tat does not require any work experience neither look on it.. Wanna try it.. ^^
  2. Phantom143

    Where am I??

    Thank u for the response, how much would be the training fees for tat??
  3. Phantom143

    Where am I??

    Its not what im lookin' for, but thanks for the info though.. Kamsahamnida..
  4. Phantom143

    Where am I??

    Annyeong haseyo.. ^^ does anybody here knows where to apply as a staff nurse/volunteer or where to train to be an ER NURSE in quezon city area, really hard to start with what u want when u dont even know where to start. Aigoo.. Things seems to be complicated, it require lots of decision making this time, hope somebody will respond, gomawo.^^