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  1. Mcsteli

    Lost my first patient today

    I think "losing" a patient is part of growing as a nurse. Its definitley part of "the circle of life". I used to be lucky enough and not have patients die on me for a long time and then when the first patient did I was devastated but at the same time your nursing care doesn't stop when they die. Taking care and making sure the patients dignity is preserved, the post-mortem care is well provided, the family reassured and that they keep a good image of their loved one when they last see him/her in a hospital bed. All that helps me feel better about my day and I take some comfort in it too, helping the family and respecting the patient.
  2. Which province are you from? I am an RN from Quebec and am waiting to pass my. NCLEX and hopefully get a job asap afterwards! Was it a hassle for you to get to take the NCLEX as well?
  3. Mcsteli

    Travel nursing or not in Florida

    I have the same concerns but for south-east Florida???
  4. Mcsteli

    Recent RN or CPN in Montreal, Quebec

    U do have to do the 30 day integration, as for your work experience, the only ones interested are the hospitals hiring you! We appreciate russian nurses because we know they do like to work well and they have a certain discipline. The 30 day integration is paid by the way so I really dont see what the big deal is and why you wouldn't want to get it. As for the french, even if you didnt ask, you better be speaking/writing it if you want to work anywhere in Montreal!
  5. Mcsteli

    TN visa for part time work?

    What do you mean multiple TN visas at the same time?
  6. Mcsteli

    Taxes in Florida

    Hi Flobrn, Thank you for your comment, it really opens my eyes a bit more! Why Florida? Because my husband has to relocate for work and also because he is fed up of Canadian winters. We always wanted to move south of the border and Florida seems to have the weather we like, I wanted California but then we decided that Florida is closer to "home" so that we are a short flight away from our families (montreal). As for my specialty I am mostly specialized in Ortho but I have alot of experience in clinical teaching, assisstant manager, clinic nurse and some ER. i've been an RN for 8 years now and even though it seems like such a short time to me, my resume is saying something ele LOL.
  7. Mcsteli

    Taxes in Florida

    Hi, I am an RN in Canada, planning to move to Florida asap as an RN. I am wondering how much you guys get taxed down there on your salaries, including unions, benefits etc.In Canada I am being taxed about 45% of my income if I calculate everything that they are taking out of my pay. Help!!!
  8. Mcsteli

    RN salaries?

    Thank you! I will look into it
  9. Mcsteli

    Canadian Nurses in Florida

    Can you tell us which units you worked on? Which county/neighberhoods?
  10. Mcsteli

    RN salaries?

    Hi,I am an RN with 7 years experience in ortho, some emergency, assisstant and teachin. I was wondering what salary I should expect moving to florida in the coral spri gs area and definitley looking for teachinghospital RN position.Thank you
  11. Mcsteli

    Canadian RPN work in Florida?

    Where did you work in Florida? City/hospital/department?
  12. Mcsteli

    Canadian Nurses in Florida

    Thank you soooooo much! This really helps, I'll keep you posted
  13. If nurses would have proper training in their school-levels with as many clinical experiences as possible, the training periods could be only2-3 weeks once they graduated. But this doesn't mean that the experienced nurses should turn their back on them once the orientation is over!!! Nursing is a PROFESSION, we burn out because we have a shortage and inappropriate management of the staff on all units. It isn't normal to be overstuffed in medicine while being understaffed in ER or surgical units! And weekends are not an excuse for cutting staff!!
  14. Mcsteli

    Canadian Nurses in Florida

    Hi,I am a Canadian RN, working in Quebec since 7 years now, specialized in Ortho and pre-post op, I also have some teaching experience and am trying to move to Florida with my family in the following year. I wonder about the easiest and fastest process I would have to get through to have a visa/greencard and ability to get a well-paid position in Florida? Any other nurses that have been in my position and succeeded? Thank you all for your help